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#BarkFluently: Learn to Speak to Your Dog in Their Native Language

Have you ever wanted to speak to your your Shar Pei in Chinese, your Shepherd in German, or your Chihuahua in Spanish? With Rosetta Stone’s newest dog-friendly guide, you can learn to speak to your dog in their native language!

Photo credit: @KeepingFinn

This guide allows both you and your dog to be immersed in the different languages thanks to the audio recordings with adorable graphics. Whether you’re trying to improve your own language skills or teach your dog a few new tricks, Rosetta Stone’s new dog-friendly guide is the perfect way to expand not only your knowledge, but also your pup’s.

Rosetta Stone’s Dog Commands in Different Languages program includes top commands in 10+ languages along with audio recordings for dogs and their owners. Learn to #BarkFluently and help your pup connect to its roots — teach French to your French Bulldog, German to your German Shepherd or Spanish to your Chihuahua! Join your favorite pooch on a colloquial journey to learn their native tongue.

For the free dog commands, click here. Simply select the language, play the commands and click next to learn more phrases!


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