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Barking Dog Saves Assault Victim From Further Harm

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Rosie, a Labrador-German Shepherd mix, was rescued by her human, Lisa not too long ago. Now, Rosie has returned the favor, saving her human from a dangerous assailant, possibly saving her life.

Lisa and Rosie were out for a run in Saugus, Massachusetts, just after midnight when Lisa heard footsteps behind them. A man grabbed Lisa by her hair, threw her against a tree, and began sexually assaulting her. He told her that he was carrying a knife and warned her not to scream. He began touching her body and then struck her in the face.

That’s when Rosie began barking.

As Rosie’s barking continued, other neighborhood dogs nearby began to bark, spooking the assailant who stopped the attack and quickly ran off.

Lisa described the man as tall and thin, wearing a long sleeved shirt and dark pants or jeans, with clean white sneakers. Anyone with information or who may have been in the area at the time of the assault is asked to call Saugus Police at 781-941-1199.

Lisa believes that her rescue dog Rosie quite possibly saved her life, at the very least, saved her from further assault and harm.

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  1. Avatar Of B. Arms

    B. Arms


    How about NOT go running around midnight when crazies are out? Thank goodness your dog was there and you’re ok. Carry a stun gun or gun.

  2. Avatar Of R. Cole

    R. Cole


    Carry a gun…and NEVER let the corrupt media or government dissuade you. They want to control you, NOT protect you. Protect YOURSELF!

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