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#BeagleGate: Fauci Led NIAID Spent $5.6 Million Taxpayer Dollars Forcing Beagle Puppies to Endure Bites from 250 Ticks

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Taxpayer watchdog group, White Coat Waste Project, uncovered another cruel, unnecessary experiment in their mission to expose and bring an end to taxpayer-funded animal experiments.

After launching their recent #BeagleGate campaign, WCW discovered another $5.6 million in taxpayer dollars, under direction by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was spent forcing Beagle puppies to endure bites from hundreds of ticks at once.


In the most recently uncovered Kansas State University research study, up to 138 six-month-old Beagle puppies have been (or will soon be) injected with a lab-made mutant bacteria. Five days after being infected with the mutant bacteria, the puppies are forced to endure the bites of 250 blood-sucking ticks for an entire week. After 7 days, the ticks are removed and the puppies are subjected to bi-weekly blood tests for another 8 weeks. When the blood tests are complete, the dogs are killed—and YOU paid for it.

Beagles are commonly used in animal testing and research for the same reasons they make such wonderful companions. They are small in size, docile, have a gentle nature, and don’t typically bite, even when being hurt. More than 75,000 are used in experiments each year in the United States alone, to test anything from cosmetics to medications and household chemicals.

In this experiment alone, 28 Beagles are killed every year, with the final death toll expected to be 138. This research study alone has cost taxpayers $5.6 million since it began in 2008. The study, and subsequent abuse and death of Beagle puppies is scheduled to continue until June 2024.

Ann Marie Dori, Manager at White Coat Waste Project, said, “We’ve exposed yet another #BeagleGate horror show. This time, Fauci wasted over $5 million to infest 6-month-old beagle puppies with hundreds of ticks and then kill them in ongoing experiments slated to slaughter up to 138 dogs.

“Dr. Fauci’s NIAID has also confirmed WCW’s allegations that it paid experimenters in Tunisia to conduct sand fly experiments on Beagles, that it conducted painful sand fly experiments on dogs its own Maryland lab and didn’t provide pain relief, that it bankrolled ongoing biting fly experiments on Beagles in Georgia, and that it paid for puppies to be de-barked, poisoned and killed in drug tests.

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“Our new investigation makes it the Fauci Five. We’ve documented this pattern of punishing puppy abuse funded by Fauci’s NIAID under both Republican and Democratic administrations, and recent polling shows that 71% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans want to defund these wasteful and cruel dog experiments. Animal lovers and liberty lovers are united against Fauci’s Beagle abuse.”

How can you help? TAKE ACTION! Tell Congress that you don’t want your tax dollars wasted on abusing dogs and puppies in cruel and unnecessary experiments!

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  1. I am a animal lover and it sickens me to hear about these tastings. I don’t see how testing animals is beneficial to humans…we are different. God created animals for companionship and punishment for all abuse will come. They will suffer a torture that will never end in hell.

  2. Avatar Of Susan Susan says:

    Fauci needs stopped first the Covid virus and now killing dogs it’s time we stop him since Biden and the rest of his crooks won’t. My money I don’t want going to this it’s time people decide where there money goes. Especially not Fauci look how much money he has made on Covid he’s a liar and a disgrace punish him!!

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