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Don’t Judge a Dog By Its Color! Celebrate Black Dogs on Black Friday

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Did you know that black dogs have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate than any other color dog in the shelter? This Black Friday, let’s take a moment to celebrate and honor black dogs!

Black Dogs

Black dogs have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate than any other color dog in shelters. Those that are adopted typically spend about 4-times longer in the shelter waiting for their forever family. It’s a phenomenon that shelter workers and rescuers are all too familiar with called “Black Dog Syndrome.”

Why are black dogs so often overlooked?

Black Dogs

1. Superstition. Folklore and pop culture has, many times, depicted black dogs in a negative way that may have subconsciously affected how they’re viewed by potential adopters. In stories, books, and movies where a dangerous dog is depicted, that dog is very often black. The Hound of the Baskervilles, the Harry Potter Series, and The Omen have all depicted evil, frightening dogs – all of those dogs were black. Black has, throughout history, been the color most commonly used to represent negativity, evil and misfortune. For this reason, some people tend to believe that black dogs are unlucky.

Black Dogs

2. Black dogs stand out less than lighter colored dogs in shelters. In dimly lit kennels, black dogs naturally tend to stand out less than their lighter canine brothers and sisters. Further, many shelters and rescues use photographs to attract potential adopters. Because of their color, black dogs are harder to photograph, making it difficult to capture their personalities in photos.

Black Dogs

3. Many people are simply unaware of Black Dog Syndrome. While rescuers and animal advocates are well aware of Black Dog Syndrome, the general public are largely unaware of the phenomenon, not even realizing that they’re overlooking an amazing potential family member in favor of a lighter colored dog. Luckily, once people become aware of the phenomenon, they are less likely to ignore black dogs in need of loving homes.

There are countless reasons to bring home a black dog – but what’s the most important one? Black dogs are still least likely to be adopted, are most commonly euthanized, and they need people like you to give them a chance!

How can I help put an end to Black Dog Syndrome?

Black Dogs

Even if you’re not looking to adopt, you can still help in the fight against Black Dog Syndrome!

  • Tell people about Black Dog Syndrome! BDS is largely a subconscious prejudice that people quickly move past once they become aware of it.
  • If you share your heart and home with a black dog, proudly display their photographs. Let others know that black dogs are just as amazing as lighter colored dogs!
  • Encourage friends and family that are looking to adopt to consider a black dog.
  • Spread awareness! The more people know about Black Dog Syndrome, the less likely these great dogs will suffer.

Hopefully, with an increase of awareness, this trend will soon be a thing of the past. In honor of Black Dog Friday, why not visit your local animal shelter and add a black furry friend to your family!

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  1. Our family adopted an older black mutt from a shelter where he had lingered for over one year. Sam was so beloved we have written books about him for kids of all ages! We had many adventures with him. Start with the first book, “Sam Gets Adopted”. They are fun and educational. See SamSeries.com

  2. Avatar Of Janice janice says:

    pissed off

    ur comment is ridiculous.

  3. Avatar Of Roncy Roehm Roncy Roehm says:

    There is no such “syndrome” as Black Dog Syndrome. It was made up by shelters and rescues years ago. I cannot believe this mindless thought process. To state that this nonsense issue exists is ridiculous and brought on only by those that preach it. It’s as if these “rescue people” want to create an issue which is non existent. In running a Labrador Retriever rescue for over 30 years, we adopted BLACK Labradors and blends more than any other color. There are more black dogs simply because of genetics. But the naysayers continue to plaster their shelter walls and social media pages with this ridiculous “syndrome”. Most normal non rescue people were unaware of such an ignorant “syndrome” until rescue people cooked it up and told them it was a thing. So now you have planted a seed that black dogs are harder to adopt out than other colors. Don’t you think it is wiser to plaster your social media walls and shelter walls with “ Black dogs are the most popular color to adopt – they are all the rage” instead of telling adopters nobody wants to adopt them. Maybe changing your mindset will help your dogs be adopted instead of you chasing adopters away to other colors. We told everyone that black labs were the most popular and we weren’t making it up. It’s about the dogs and positive spins not negative ones. Idiots.

  4. Avatar Of Pissed Off

    Pissed off


    It’s incredibly inappropriate to post this during black history month! Are you equating Black people to dogs!!! The nerve

    • Avatar Of Janice janice says:

      pissed off u are ridiculous. always got to have something to say to try make a big deal out of this..VERY TOUCHY.NOTHING TO DO W/BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

  5. Avatar Of A



    Sooo white people hijacking Black History Month for “Black dog syndrome” ok suuuure this tracks…. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But how tone-deaf do you have to be!!!
    I love my black cat.. but like He’s not getting a month especially not during Black history month. Do better and think next time.. srsly.

  6. Avatar Of Joe Lorenzo

    Joe Lorenzo


    Black labs are the best. Had my baby Blue for 14 years. He was the greatest friend I ever had- and yes, he was black. LOL

  7. Avatar Of Babara



    Our black lab mix was adopted from the local shelter…ironically in February! He’s been with us 11 years next week….all but about 7 months of his life. He’s an awesome dog…gets the paper from the driveway & all 😉

  8. Avatar Of Bee



    I am the PROUD MAMMA of my all BLACK terrier girl from the shelter, can’t think of a better girl.

  9. Avatar Of Traci



    I have TWO black dogs and they are THE BEST!

  10. Avatar Of Amyjo9



    Black Labs Matter!!

  11. Avatar Of Sandra Sandra says:

    I have had black dogs all my life! They are so beautiful!

  12. Avatar Of Melissa Salatino

    Melissa Salatino


    I have black dogs! I Love every bit of them! Beautiful babies

  13. Avatar Of Dd



    I have always had black dogs! A BLACK SCHNAUZER AND NOW A BLACK POODLE MIX. They have both been rescues and they are the best! I have always been smitten with black animals- black lambs,cows, horses.They are special..not evil or posessed!

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