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Disturbing Body Cam Footage Shows Cop Shoot, Kill Harmless Dog Then Lie that He Was Being Attacked

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While responding to a false alarm, a police officer shot and killed a beloved family dog, claiming the dog was attacking him. Disturbing body cam footage proved otherwise.

Body Cam Footage

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office released disturbing body cam footage on Saturday that clearly showed a chain of events that ultimately led to the wrongful death of a beloved family dog and an investigation into the actions of the deputy responsible.

A body camera worn by Deputy John Tolle began by recording the officer driving to the Pahrump, Nevada home of firefighter, Gary Miller, in response to a house alarm that had been accidentally set off.

By the time Tolle arrived, Miller had already spoken to his alarm company to notify them of the false alarm. Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly denied they’d received a cancellation call, but Pahrump Central Security does have a record of contacting the sheriff’s office, and speaking to a dispatcher named Ashley who said the deputy was in route, but would be notified.

Even before arriving at the home, Deputy Tolle is agitated. He can be heard saying, “oh, you’re an idiot, aren’t you?! I mean, you’re just a new kind of stupid,” to other drivers on the road.

When he reached the Miller home, he opened the front gate, entering the entirely fenced property and approached the front door. Nye County Sheriff’s Deputies have all undergone mandatory training in dog encounters that includes procedures like yelling and rattling fences before entering a property to determine if a dog is present. Tolle did not perform those required procedures.

At the point, barking can be heard in the distance.

“Oh, don’t be mean. Don’t be vicious,” Tolle is heard saying, before the dog, Miller’s beloved pit bull Blu, comes into view.

Just as he knocked on the front door of the home, Blu rounded the corner of the house and began running toward him.

“Oh, don’t do it, doggy,” Tolle is heard saying. “Don’t do it, doggy. Stop it. Stop it.”

Panicked, Tolle, who already had his gun drawn before the dog came into view, fired 4 shots at Blu from a distance of about 10 feet away.

Just seconds later, Miller opens his front door to discover his dog’s been shot.

“He just attacked me!” Tolle lied. “He’s attacking me!”

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers:

When a second deputy arrived, both officers returned to the street, out of Miller’s earshot, to discuss the incident. Tolle continued to assert that Blu was aggressively charging him when he fired.

As if the excessive use of force and unnecessary death of the dog wasn’t enough, the police officer’s actions following the shooting are absolutely disturbing and vile.

The second officer called in to report the shooting. He can be heard saying, “the pit bull came running out from around the corner, yelling, and screaming, and growling, and all that f—ing pit bull stuff they do.”

Then, the second officer says he’s been out to the property a couple of times before, that he’s kind of an a–hole sometimes. To which Tolle responds, “especially when I shoot his dog.”

A detective arrives at the scene to hear Tolle’s recount, which, at this point, has become more elaborate. Deputy Tolle is informed that he’ll need to file reports and will be assigned a union rep, a standard in all officer-involved shootings, to which he replies, “for a dog?” Then jokes “eh, maybe I’ll get time off now,” laughing.

Then, Tolle says, “this is why I can’t deal with dog lovers. It’s a dog… It is what it is.”

At this point, roughly 15-minutes after Blu was shot, the second officer notices he’s still alive. “It’s wiggling! Maybe it’s not dead,” he says. He heads back toward where Blu is laying, bleeding to death. Tolle, still amused by the entire event, jokes that he’ll hang back at the car.

When an animal control officer leaves the scene with Blu’s body, the second deputy returns to reprimand Deputy Tolle. “Next time you say ‘shots fired’ would you tell us what you’re shooting at so I can drive 60 miles an hour instead of 120 to get here,” again laughing.

Finally, the detective who’d arrived earlier and remained inside his vehicle, joking with Tolle about the shooting and complaining about their jobs, not once interviewing Blu’s owner, taking a look at the scene of the shooting, or confirming that Blu has died, asks if he should go. Tolle suggests he go “collect spent casings, take some photos, I don’t know,” again, while laughing about the incident.

The detective then snaps 4 to 5 photos of the home, from the street, not once entering the large property of going anywhere near where the shooting occurred and returns to his vehicle, chuckling.

Following Deputy Tolle’s statements regarding the shooting, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office released a statement in Tolle’s defense, saying he acted appropriately to an evolving threat.

But, after reviewing the disturbing dash cam footage, Sheriff Sharon Wehrly ordered a complete investigation into the shooting and the manner in which it was handled by all parties involved, including animal control officials who cremated Blu’s remains without Miller’s knowledge or consent.

Body Cam Footage

Naturally, Miller was outraged after seeing the body cam footage that was made public. He wants justice for Blu, his best friend and sidekick for the past 6 years.

We will update this story as the investigation continues.

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  1. Avatar Of Carlos



    Será que é requisito principal para se ser policia nesse pais ser um perfeito anormal, intelectualmente atrasado, completamente estupido e ser um grande filho de puta?????

  2. Avatar Of Kim



    These officers should all be fired and treated the way they treated this poor Pit Bull; who did nothing to deserve this. They killed a family member and then laughed about it. God spelt backwards is Dog, you assholes! Think he was laughing while you shot one of his kids. I hope you get the same kind of treatment and respect that you gave to this poor dog. I hope this man sues you and takes everything and I mean everything, so that you end up on the street!!!

  3. Avatar Of Donna



    This is disgusting. ASPCA, Humane Society, PETA, where are you?

  4. Avatar Of Lisa J. Deckert

    Lisa J. Deckert


    Complete disregard of any Compassion . No one went to check on the Dog . The Cop is an ASSHOLE ! Sadly so were the other cops who are going to look out for him. He will probably get no punishment or suspension. I hope that man Sues that Dept. for some kind of Justice !

    • Avatar Of Wanda Young Wanda young says:

      That P O S
      should be sued for everything he may EVER HAVE and the dog owner catch him after dark out of uniform , and beat the s"&$t out of him. Some police are good, and then You have ass holes like this Make him work at a shelter to repay for being an ass

  5. Avatar Of Judith



    Sickening. Those officers should have the same done to them

  6. Avatar Of Sue Sue says:

    When a cop obviously has no respect and doesn't appear to like dogs then it's obvious it was a wrongful killing.

    Tolle clearly lied as per proof if video cam. The laughing, making jokes, and that applies to each who responded to the shooting, something better happen. But sadly it won't.

  7. Avatar Of Bessie Potter

    Bessie Potter


    This is sadly, typical. What is sadder yet. Little to nothing will be done about these callous creeps who have no respect. And this case is not as bad as a couple that happened 2 and 3 years ago. Used to have respect for the law. But not much anymore. Too many of them like to shoot people's pets for sport

  8. Avatar Of Marie Ann

    Marie Ann


    Better hope i never see you guys because you are goingvto regret it in the meantime I am sending you lots of bad karma and she is a bitch watch out for drive by shooters you are not target practice

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