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Officer Shoots, Kills Dog While Serving Warrant at Outdated Address

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A Miami family is furious, devastated, and desperate for answers after a Miami-Dade Police officer entered their yard – passing a “Beware of Dog” sign on the way, and fatally shot Charlie, the family’s American Bulldog.

Miami-Dade Police say they were at the property to serve a warrant to someone inside, but Adrian Garcia, Charlie’s owner, said they didn’t know the man police were looking for and he did not reside in the home they’ve lived in for the past 6 months.

But, apparently when officers entered the Garcia’s yard, they feared for their life when Charlie growled and barked.

“If somebody comes in the house that he doesn’t know, he’s gonna bark at them and tell them, ‘Hey. I’m here. Get out,’ ” Adrian Garcia told CBS Miami. “My mom repeatedly said, ‘Don’t come inside. There’s a dog. Let me put him away.’ ”

The family confirmed that Charlie was growling and barking, but he did not charge officers. Instead, the dog stood guard beside Garcia’s mother while she begged to put him away.

An officer opened fire, shooting Charlie in the neck, killing him.

What the officer said next further upset the Garcia family.

“He said the shooting and death of my dog meant nothing,” Garcia explained. “That he’s just an animal.”

The Garcia’s said they had no problem allowing officers to search their home, they just wanted to put the dog away first. A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department said many of the details of the shooting and who police were looking for will be investigated by Internal Affairs officers.

Garcia plans to hire an attorney to file suit against the department.

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  1. Avatar Of Vasco



    hate to have to say it, but it will stop when Officers dogs are poisoned and or shot in their back yardsyards afterwards. Sick people only understand sick retribution.

  2. Avatar Of Chris Mcphail

    Chris McPhail


    At some point I expect to have to kill a police officer just to save an innocent animal. And it will be a pleasure!

  3. Avatar Of Alberta Yturralde

    Alberta Yturralde


    The dog was just protecting its owners and property, that’s what dogs do. Dogs are family how would he feel if someone came up and shot his dog. Karma is a Bitch I hope it comes back at him. Hope the owners sue the heck out of him, To me this is animal cruelty.

  4. Avatar Of Jane Doe

    Jane Doe


    What a coward! Hope the family sues & wins. Cops are out of control & gun happy! And they say citizens shouldn’t have guns! We need them for protection from these cowardly idiots!

  5. Avatar Of Tim



    perfect example to why cops are hated and killed , bunch of punkass bitches that are nothing unless they are beating their wifes or killing innocent pets, hope this ahole is fired and then rots in hell

  6. Avatar Of Patricia



    Stubid ass pig cop needs to be shot back. And see how it feels scum bag . Sorry for your lose you go right ahead and file suit against the Scum bag pigs

  7. Avatar Of Pauline Bell

    Pauline Bell


    Thank Christ I live in the UK. Your police are totally out of hand. I would KILL anyone who shot my dogs. Police or no police.

  8. Avatar Of Amy Cagle

    Amy Cagle


    This stupid officer needs to be arrested!!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Rieann



    another asshole cop…. and they wonder why a lot of them are hated this piece of shit that shot the dog should get some of his own treatment.. figures tho Miami-Dade their animal control is the worst, so how do you want the rest to act whole lot of killers …..

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