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Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year Old Girl While Aiming at Family Dog

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An investigation is ongoing after a Columbus, Ohio police officer responded to a family’s call for help and, instead of helping, accidentally shot a 4-year old girl while attempting to shoot their dog.

Andrea Ellis had cut herself on some broken glass inside her Columbus home. Bleeding profusely and in need of medical care, her sister called 911. Coincidentally, officer Jonathon Thomas was already in the neighborhood, on an unrelated call, so she called out to him for help.

When the Officer Thomas approached the home, the family dog, Patches, a Boxer mix, reportedly charged the officer, who drew his gun and fired.

The officer missed, shooting Andrea’s 4-year old daughter, Ava, in the leg instead.

“She asked me several times, ‘Mommy, am I gonna die?'” Andrea Ellis told INSIDE EDITION.

Ava is expected to recover, although physical and emotional scars are likely to remain.

Thomas’ actions are currently under investigation. It is unknown whether he will be disciplined.

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  1. Avatar Of Beverly



    I think this cop should be disciplined, and not just “suspended with pay.” What good does that do? That’s just a vacation with pay. He should never have fired at the dog in the first place. The dog was just, in his mind, protecting his family, which is what dogs do. There are other ways to deal with a dog than just grab the gun and shoot. That little girl is lucky she wasn’t shot dead by this officer. There have been so many stories in the news lately about police being called to a residence, then shooting the dog because they felt threatened. I think the police department should pay for the little girls’ treatment that’s not covered by insurance, and pay for her therapy, ’cause she’s going to need it.

  2. Avatar Of Dog Lover In Ca

    Dog Lover in Ca


    Well, this is horrible all the way around, for sure. My only question is who the hell calls a paramedic when you cut yourself on broken glass? If blood is spewing out, for crying out loud, wrap a tourniquet and have your “sister” calmly drive to the hospital. I would say the adults created a bad situation by overreacting to the cut; that police officer had no clue what he was approaching (for all he knew, the dog could have attacked the people in the house) and he saw the dog running toward him…another split second decision that went way wrong.

  3. Avatar Of Mjkenney MJKenney says:

    Seriously? Bleeding mother, scared child, scared family pet and this blue uniformed baboon draws a firearm? I assume all parties involved lived? “Officer” Thomas needs to be put on meter maid patrol, his gun taken away and required to pay all medical bills.

    • Avatar Of Erwin



      I agree. I am very concerned about these cops killings family pets. They are more than pets they are family. Some cops hate dogs and rather kill them for no reason. Cop need to be trained better

  4. Avatar Of Harold Highland

    Harold Highland


    Maybe cops shouldn’t have guns!!!!!!

  5. Avatar Of Kim Kim says:

    I agree what the heck was he thinking , pulling out his gun to shoot the dog! Oh my gosh !

  6. Avatar Of Dan Law

    Dan Law


    The dog was doing his job. The cop ought to be in jail. Drawing a weapon should NOT be an initial response.

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