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Police Shoot, Kill Puppy While Serving Warrant at Neighbor’s House

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A Greenville, South Carolina woman is devastated over the death of her 10-month old puppy by police who were serving a warrant at her neighbor’s house.

Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies say they were left with no choice but to shoot when “an aggressive pit bull that was on the loose came charging at them” as they served a warrant at the house next door.

But, the dog’s owner tells an entirely different story.

Marissa Gilliland says that her husband was working on his car in the driveway when she heard a commotion and stepped outside with her 10-month-old dog, Chico, who she says is always by her side. She says her happy dog, who loved everyone, then ran toward the officers in a friendly way, not growling or barking. She says if they’d given Chico just a second more, he would have given them his paw. Instead, an officer fired at the dog, striking him in the leg.

Gilliland says after the first shot was fired, Chico turned and tried to run back to her, but the deputy fired several more shots, killing him. She said at least 4 to 6 shots were fired from behind Chico as he tried to run to his owner, with the fatal shots striking him while he was already back in his own yard.

Master Deputy Drew Pinciaro released the following statement on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office:

“In regards to the dog shooting, it is not our intent or practice to use deadly force on animals.  In this situation, the dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner while he was serving a search warrant and that is why he shot the dog.  Due to the dog being aggressive and unrestrained, that is why he used the level of force he did.”

Gilliland is understandably heartbroken over the loss of her beloved dog. “I have never been this hurt in my life,” she told WYFF4. “Other people say, ‘He is just a dog,’ but he wasn’t. He was my best friend. My everything. He was family.”

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  1. Avatar Of Lou Burns

    Lou Burns


    I am so very sorry for you loss. I agree that officers are too quick to pull the trigger when it comes to animals. Pit bulls are given such a bad name that they don't take the time to tell what they are doing.

  2. Avatar Of Lucinda Burr

    Lucinda Burr


    This is the equivalent of shooting someone in the back. It's happappening way too often and needs to stop.

  3. Avatar Of Sam Osteen

    Sam Osteen


    It is only a matter of time until an undisciplined LEO shoots a family pet and then an owner shoots or tries to shot the LEO. My dogs are Golden Retrievers and are closer to me than anyone other than my wife. a shot fired at my family requires me to do whatever is within my power to protect them, that includes my babies. There are others like me, be very careful whose dogs or children you shoot, some folks will shoot back!

  4. Avatar Of Sue



    Shooting 6 six is absolutely unnecessary!!!

  5. Avatar Of Denise



    It's the responsibility of the owner to make sure the dog is on a leash. If Chico was, he wouldn't have been shot. I can't walk my own dogs because of owners like this. My pit is very protective and will pin any dog to the ground that isn't tied up and running towards me. Put a leash on your dog and keep him in your control at all times.

    • Avatar Of B



      It is the responsibility of those who "serve and protect" to stop this killing. Shooting a dog six times! Really?
      They are lucky that was not my dog.

  6. Avatar Of Beverley De Lisen

    Beverley De Lisen


    It sickens us Aussies every time we hear a trigger happy cop has shot a dog which has not threatened them, the dogs probably run to them friendly and because they are trigger happy they say it was a danger to them. Even the dimmest person knows a vicious dog??? Change the law, no wonder America is hated, dogs, people , anything is shot by a stupid cop with a gun.

  7. Avatar Of Dougals



    ANyone who has taken a course for a gun license knows" you shoot only what is neccesary to stop the threat." Shooting the dog all the way home is sheer evil violence by a disturbed human with a badge. And his superiors are idiotic evil scum for backing him.

  8. Avatar Of Glenn



    As the puppy was running away from the officer. The most important word in that's sentence is 'away'. After the vet determinines the angle of the shots, it should be easy to see which version of the incident is true. If indeed the indication proves the deputy kept firing his gun at the dog while ( the dog) he was running away, then the deputy should be fired and charges brought against him!!

  9. Avatar Of Clara Williams

    Clara Williams


    You all are SO full of s___you hurt you will use any excuse to put a pitty down.you are sick human beings. A friend of mine who had never seen my pitty before came in my house looked for wagging tail not a run to check on me he said the dog wld have licked him to death but never hurt him. My friend had to go thru3 rooms to pass him and not once did bo growl or hurt him. You trigger happy(excuse my french s.o.b.s out there need to be fired and find another occupation. You should be put down just like that baby was put down. YOU are a good example of the lowest scum of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar Of Betty



    This is bill,cops shooting dogs and getting away with it all the time ,it needs to stop,first thing you know they will be shoting kids or any body else and get away with it ,they need punished too

  11. Avatar Of Gabby Gabby says:

    There has to be a law to protect these innocent puppies. Shooting him once is enough and let me be clear this puppies was running back to the owner. Police fail by keeping on shooting a Puppy. This is insane! If police came to my door I would have held her in my arms I am so sorry for the puppy and family. This is happening too many times for no reason!!

  12. Avatar Of Frances



    Once again the blue wall protects their own killing a dog running away and not a danger. If they will do this to a dog, don't think for a second they will not do it to a person.

    • Avatar Of Peggy



      So tue they should not be killing any animals at all they should be responsible yo get them a knew one

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