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Deputy Shot Family Dog While Delivering Protection Order to Wrong Address

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A Wichita man is devastated over the death of his beloved dog after a Sedgwick County Sheriff’s deputy delivering an order of protection to the wrong address entered the fenced in yard and shot her.

Deputy Shot Family Dog

At approximately 2:00pm on Wednesday, a Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived at the home of dog owner, Michael Morgan to deliver an order of protection.

Despite a fence surrounding the property and signs indicating a dog was inside, the deputy opened the gate and entered the front yard. Moments later, Morgan’s dog, a 2-year old pit bull named Magic, rushed toward the officer and was shot.

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Although the deputy insists that she announced herself before opening the gate, Morgan says he heard no announcement, despite being just inside the home with the front door wide open.

After viewing surveillance footage of the incident, the Sedgwick County Sheriff said the deputy used an appropriate amount of force to protect herself. Morgan disagrees.

“Right amount of force is read the signs and not come in the yard in the first place. And, there is no need for force with Magic because she’s a docile dog. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do,” Morgan told KAKE.

To add further insult to injury, the person named on the order of protection being delivered did not even reside at the property.

“When a dog is lunging at you, it’s a very dangerous situation. The deputy is well within policy to use force to protect herself from injury in that situation, which is what she did,” said Lt Lin Dehning, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office did not comment on whether the deputy was appropriate in entering the property to begin with, or why she was delivering the protection order to an address at which the defendant did not live.

Unable to afford the surgery necessary to save Magic’s life, Morgan was forced to have her put down. She had given birth to a litter of puppies only 2 months prior to the shooting.

Similar incidents occur every 98-minutes in this country, with half of all intentional police shootings aimed at dogs.

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  1. Avatar Of Rosanne Leccese

    Rosanne Leccese


    Perhaps a reading test needs to be added to the application process for police employment! Maybe a common sense test?!

  2. Avatar Of Foxy



    Esp glad our police are not armed. Officers seem to be employed if they're scared of dogs just so they can shoot them!

  3. Avatar Of Jackie



    Can that deputy read? Evidently NOT!!!!

  4. Avatar Of A.tansley



    This police officer should have gone to the Front door first. She should be charged by the owner as there were signs posted. I am sorry to me this is considered murder. Why is it that because they have a gun they feel they have a right to kill animals. We as animal owners purchase them to protect us and the police feel they have the right to kill them and scream self defence. Bull crap.

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