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The Bullmastiff is a popular breed of massive dog that originated in England. It belongs to the Working family which is remarkable for their excellent guarding and rescuing skills. The breed is typically large and powerful, and has been bred to become watch dogs. Their dense, rough coat is short, and comes in various shades such as brindle, red, and fawn, usually with black markings.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Bullmastiff breed normally stand a height of 25 to 27 in measured at the withers, and weigh 110 to 133 lbs. Bitches are rather smaller with a height of about 24 to 26 in, and a weight of approximately 100 to 120 lbs.



Bullmastiffs, in general, are devoted and good-natured. They are calm, docile and affectionate. They are loyal, even-tempered, and tend to be tolerant with children. Bullmastiffs, however, have the propensity to display contrasting temperaments. At home, they make wonderful companions, while outdoors, they can become quite sneaky and intimidating. The breed tends to display aggression towards strangers and other dogs, and may bite when threatened. Bullmastiffs are stubborn, making early socialization training necessary to control their domineering attitude. In addition, the breed requires human leadership. They need a master who is firm, confident, and consistent with rules.


This large breed of working dog generally needs minimal coat care requirements. They are medium shedders, and have smooth coat that’s easy to brush. Because they are massive and carry plenty of weight, checking their feet regularly is highly advisable. Trimming their nails is also recommended.

Health Concerns

Bullmastiffs are generally prone to suffer from a few dog health problems. These include coronary heart diseases, joint pains, bone diseases, cancer, heat stroke, bloat, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. With proper diet and exercise, the breed can live for as long as 8 to 10 years.

Best Environment

Because Bullmastiffs are large; they need a spacious place to dwell in. A secure fenced yard will be great to let them freely roam without having to break or knock down things. The breed may do well with apartment-living provided that the place is cool and has moderate atmosphere. In addition, taking the Bullmastiff pet on a daily walk or jog is necessary.

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