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Caught on Camera: FedEx Driver Hits 13-Year Old Dog, Drives Away

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While delivering a package to a rural Texas home, a FedEx driver struck and seriously injured a 13-year old dog before driving off without notifying the dog’s family.

Caught On Camera Fedex Driver Hits 13-Year Old Dog Drives Away - The Dogington Post

Susan Jenkins found her 13-year old Border Collie, Milo whimpering and bleeding last Sunday.

“He was shaking and acting like he was in a lot of pain,” Jenkins told WFAA. “We didn’t know if he was going to be all right, because he wasn’t walking and didn’t seem like the same dog at all.” 

When the family rushed Milo to the veterinarian, they discovered his hind legs torn to the muscles and tendons, his tail cut all the way to bone, and a road rash so severe that dead tissue about the size of a softball had to be surgically removed from his abdomen. 

Unsure of how the injuries occurred, Jenkins reviewed security camera footage. That’s when she discovered a FedEx delivery driver had been responsible.

That Sunday, the delivery driver headed down the 230-foot long driveway of the Jenkins’ Caddo Mills, Texas home. In the video, the family’s several dogs—who are restrained to their property with electronic fencing and e-collars—can be seen milling around. As the driver is pulling toward the house, Milo is seen getting struck by the large delivery truck.

“At that point, she hits Milo,” Jenkins said. “You can hear him yelp in the video and then he gets up and walks off.” Milo is seen limping away before the driver exits the FedEx truck, examines the front of the vehicle, looks around, then gets back into the truck and drives away.

The Jenkins believe the incident was accidental, but are upset that the driver didn’t try to contact the family, either by knocking on the door or leaving a note.

“I think most people with common sense or decency would have stopped and tried to at least knock or say, ‘Hey I don’t know for sure if there is a problem but I may have hit one of your dogs,'” Jenkins said.

Jenkins filed a complaint with FedEx and told the news channel that they agreed to pay Milo’s veterinary bills after she forwarded surveillance camera footage. FedEx provided the following statement in response to the incident:

“We extend our deepest apologies to the Jenkins family whose pet was involved in this accident. We take this situation very seriously and are working directly with those involved. Safety is our highest priority and we will continue to take appropriate action.”

Although Milo was seriously injured, he is expected to recover. Still, the Jenkins can’t help but worry that, at his age, such an injury could shorten what time they have left with him. Milo has been a part of the Jenkins family since he was only 4-months old.

FedEx did not reveal what disciplinary action, if any, was taken against the driver.

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    FedEx Ground drivers are not employees subject to disciplinary action. They are independent contractors, which is why they get away with most everything. The guilty party is most likely still operating a FedEx vehicle.

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