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Celebrate YOUR Unique Dog with these 8 Do-it-Yourself Customized Essentials

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As any dog mom or dad will attest, dogs each have their own unique personalities. Some are goofy and playful while others are serious or calm. Some are energetic and others prefer to just cuddle.

So, since they’re all so different, why should they all sleep on the same tired old bed, wear the same boring collar, or cuddle with the same plain blanket?

Now they don’t have to!

Thanks to PrideBites, you can toss the boring old stuff that all the other dogs use and create totally different, totally customizable essential products that celebrate YOUR unique dog!

Wally_bedtoyCreate the perfect collar and leash.

Give your dog a comfy, cozy, personalized bed with fun fabrics that match his personality or your home’s decor.

Design a puffy coat or warm hoodie that perfectly complements her adorable smile and winning personality.

Make a durable, interactive and fun toy he’ll be begging to play with!

Or, snuggle up to a cozy blanket with your dog’s sweet face and name.

With eight different essential productsand dozens of fun fabrics, colors, and options, the possibilities are endless!

See for yourself:

Head over to www.PrideBites.com and start designing your very own unique essentials! It’s fun!

Image via PrideBites

Image via PrideBites


Have fun – and save, too. PrideBites has generously offered friends of The Dogington Post 25% OFF from now until February 20. Just enter coupon code “dogingtonpost” at checkout! PAWsome!







Sponsored by PrideBites.


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