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Your Pet, Your Choice: How to Celebrate YOUR Unique Dog!

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When a group of dog-loving friends just weren’t thrilled with the selection of pet products available on the market, they decided to take matters into their own paws, creating a line of pet toys as unique and special as the dogs they share their lives with.

Just a few months after launching, PrideBites earned Dog Toy of the Year by Pet Business Magazine. Later that same year, Dogington Post readers overwhelmingly voted for the PrideBites Interactive Dog Toy as Best Dog Toy, giving recognition and honor to a toy that wasn’t just fun for dogs, but encouraged people and their pets to play together!


Seeing the huge demand for their initial toy line and wanting to offer something extra to customers, PrideBites introduced customizable toys. Now, dogs could have their very own special toy embroidered with their name or a hand-drawn portrait of their likeness or that of their favorite human. Eventually the toy line expanded to include 9 different pet essentials and, like a Nike ID for dogs, customers get to choose from a huge selection of prints, colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes. In fact, their motto is, “Your pet, your choice.”

As it turns out, the fun-loving and hardworking entrepreneurs behind PrideBites aren’t the only ones that want to celebrate their special four-legged family with products custom designed especially for them – the 62% of American households with pets do, too!

There'S No Mistaking Who This Bed Belongs To!
There’s no mistaking who this bed belongs to!

That’s a big part of what PrideBites as a company is about – having fun and celebrating dogs. They recognize that all dogs, like the people that love them, have unique personalities, likes and dislikes, needs and wants. And, that pet parents love celebrating their one-of-a-kind fuzzy-faced friends.

Because dogs, families, and homes are one-of-a-kind, PrideBites believes pet products should be, too. And, their mission to deliver affordable, design-your-own items in a variety of soft, safe, and easy-to-clean materials that are both safe and durable enough for everyday use reflects that philosophy.

It'S So Easy, Your Best Friend Can Help!
It’s so easy, your best friend can help!

PrideBites encourages pet parents to get involved, to have fun with their dogs, in a way that no other company does – with toys that encourage dogs and their people to play together, with essentials, like leashes, collars, beds, and blankets, that are totally customizable to both your dog’s PAW-sonal preference and your home’s unique decor, and with customized pet gear that perfectly showcases your dog’s unique personality while you’re out exploring the world around you, together.

But, PrideBites isn’t all fun and games! They take quality, safety, and affordability seriously. Everything they make has been rigorously tested for safety and durability. They manufacture using only the best quality, vet approved, non-toxic fabrics and materials, inside and out. And, they’re totally affordable, created with you – and your unique dog – in mind.

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To find out more about the hardworking folks behind PrideBites, to check out their products, customize your very own, or just find new ways to enjoy life with your dog, visit www.PrideBites.com.

Have fun – and save, too. PrideBites has generously offered friends of The Dogington Post 30% OFF through March 1! Just enter coupon code “dogingtonpost” at checkout! PAWsome!

And, because they’re always listening to their customers and fans, PrideBites is constantly finding new ways to offer the customized, affordable products they need and want. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for special discounts, exciting new stuff, and (our favorite) adorable photos of dogs and their humans having fun and loving life!

Don’t miss this hilarious video to find out what makes PrideBites the best toy ever:

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