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Cesar Millan Says People are Blowing the Pig-Incident Out of Proportion

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Image Via Screenshot From Cesar 911 Video.
Image via screenshot from Cesar 911 video.

Self-taught dog trainer and self-proclaimed dog psychologist, ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan is defending himself against allegations of animal abuse after a training session involving a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix and several pigs ended in a bloody attack.

Immediately after a clip from Millan’s hit television show, Cesar 911 was posted to YouTube, concerned animal lovers horrified by the scene that unfolded began contacting authorities by the thousands, prompting an investigation by Los Angeles County Animal Control into possible animal cruelty, specifically using pigs as “bait” for the known pig-killing dog.

But Millan says the investigation, and the allegations against him and his training methods, are entirely unfounded, that opponents of his methods are blowing it all out of proportion.

While no charges have yet been filed, officials are asking for the names of everyone involved in the February 26th episode of Cesar 911 as well as asking to see the pigs that were injured during filming.

While Millan argues that no crime was committed and that the investigation is unfounded, he told PEOPLE that he understands the public’s concern.

“This is what I love about America,” he said. “In America, animals have rights to a certain extent. And when somebody complains about it the law enforcement have to come and supervise. They do it to everybody and they’re doing the right thing.”

Still, Millan says angry animal lovers aren’t seeing the bigger picture. The self-taught trainer, who has received no formal training in animal behavior, says that it was necessary to put Simon (and the pigs) in this situation in order to rehabilitate him.

“My main goal is to educate human kind so we don’t end up euthanizing dogs with the mistakes we make. I’m going to do whatever it takes to save the life of a dog. I don’t use animals as bait,” he said. “I take the cases nobody wants. It’s ridiculous that they’d take something and turn it into this, when my main goal is purely harmony and balance.”

Simon’s owner, Sandy, is also defending Millan. She says meeting Millan was “the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Sandy explained, “I feel so blessed to have had Cesar’s help and it upsets me profoundly that people have mischaracterized what really happened. I have a brand new life with Simon and having Cesar’s help made the difference. It’s the best thing that ever happened to Simon and I.”

Millan, no stranger to controversy, has been just as widely supported through this incident as he has been criticized. Many say his contributions to the animal world have been nothing short of outstanding, that he is being unfairly judged for what they’re calling “a mistake.” It’s important to note, however, that Millan has not admitted to making any mistake and, despite the attack, defends his actions entirely.

Is Cesar Millan being unfairly judged after this incident? Some say yes, others say no. See both sides of the argument right here.

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  1. Avatar Of Darlene



    I agree with Cesar . I have seen him do amazing things with dogs that otherwise wouldn’t be able to function. Even the dogs owner supports him. Enough said. I believe he has rehabilitated many dogs.

  2. Avatar Of Charli Sorrentino

    Charli Sorrentino


    He’s just blowing smoke. We true dog behavior specialists know you never push a dog over threshold which he does every single time. His education is limited to visiting his grandfathers farm somewhere in Mexico when he was a kid. Gee I don’t know any psychologists that earned their degree on a farm. And if people are going to say it’s different – it’s not. Behavior begins in the brain with every animal including humans. A message is sent to the brain, it’s processed and a message is sent back on how to respond. Changes occur in behavior when we teach a new way to respond. And that doesn’t include kicking, choking, helicoptering or alpha rolling. He needs to get off television and get into a classroom taught by true canine behavior specialists.

    • Avatar Of Dog Diva

      Dog Diva


      Absolutely, Charli! Having teeth doesn’t make someone a dentist lol. And I don’t know anyone who goes to a “self taught” doctor to get their appendix out.

    • Avatar Of Kathy



      You’re ridiculous. I’ve seen him do more good with dogs than anyone I’ve ever seen, “Formal Training” or not.

  3. Avatar Of Marta Young Marta Young says:

    The incident is under investigation. Many in the professional community who have been concerned for a long time about the methods of training used are being heard now following the airing of this episode. Whilst dramatic, it is not out of line with what has gone before. change.org/p/ban-cesar-millan-shame-on-you-national-geographic

  4. Avatar Of Sue Harris

    Sue Harris


    This seems to be the same ole thing that is happening all over the world, including right here at home, Our politicans, If they can find dirt true or not on another candidate that is just what they do, That is how it happens on any story that comes out about anybody or anything. I respect Cesar and what he does to help animals. He gives them a second chance on life so they are not put to sleep. I tried to get him for my doggies but they said he was in such a demand that he wasn’t taking any jobs out of state. So that should speak for itself. I am sure that whoever started this is either a disgrunted ex employee or somebody that just wants to cause trouble. In my opinion, I think Cesar is great and excellent at what he does.

  5. Avatar Of Dawn



    I support Cesar. He definitely helped Simon and his owner. I might have used a muzzle or leash, but maybe that doesn’t work in this instance. I believe Cesar always has the best interest of the dog and his clients at heart. He has helped many people and animals in his career. I see that you just can’t please everybody, and he definitely has his haters as well as his fans. I also see that Cesar being self-taught–has not received formal training in animal behavior–is always being brought up. I hate to say it but just because you may have had formal training, doesn’t make you a good trainer. You may talk, talk, talk, but where are your results. All I hear is criticism, what would you have done differently to cure Simon of his pig killing. The pig is fine and now Simon can also live a good life with his owner and not be put down. I also find it hard to believe that Cesar is under investigation when the real animal cruelty criminals are allowed to proliferate–dog fighting and puppy mills as two examples. Take care Cesar.

  6. Avatar Of Debbie Bundy

    Debbie Bundy


    Leave the guy alone. he does wonderful things for dogs.

    • He has done wonderful things for dogs. No one has said the work he’s done to remove the stigma against pit bulls, to educate about the uselessness of breed specific legislation, and his fight to end puppy mills is anything short of wonderful. He has devoted his entire life to dogs, he obviously cares very much for them. But, that doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong here.

      Paraphrasing from an article I read this morning, if the Dalai Lama gets drunk and drives a car into a playground full of schoolchildren, should we all ignore his actions because of all the good he’s done in the past?

      As animal lovers on both sides of the Cesar Millan argument, we all share the same ultimate goal of improving the lives of dogs. We only share a difference of opinion on how to best achieve that. Luckily, whether or not Millan broke the law will be not be decided in the court of public opinion, by either his supporters or those who oppose him.

  7. Avatar Of Debbie Bundy

    Debbie Bundy



  8. Avatar Of Donna



    I used to watch Cesar’s Dog Whisperer show on Nat Geo until it was moved to Nat Geo Wild. Cesar Milan is not a dog trainer. He states that it is the people he trains. He rehabilitates dogs. I like his philosophy.

    I don’t believe that it is necessary to have formal training in animal behavior in order to understand dogs. You can learn a lot just by watching how dogs interact with one another and with their humans.

  9. Avatar Of Margaret



    Cesar is the best. He would never put an animal in danger. Start finding and punishing real animal abusers.

    • I think you mean to say he would never intentionally and with malicious intent put an animal in danger.
      In this case, whether he meant to or not, he DID.

  10. Avatar Of Marylain Blue

    Marylain Blue


    Yes every body is blowing this up to far, as for me, he did nothing wrong, go after the real abuser to animals and leave him be, I love the show and will always support him, so thank you Cesar, and keep up the good work, hugs!!

  11. Avatar Of Cathy Hutzell

    Cathy Hutzell


    I personally have only watched his show once or twice, because some of the things he does to ‘train’ the dogs walk a very fine line to abuse. Yes you do have to establish yourself as the alpha, He has hit some dogs and sent them cowering in fear. I’ve reported owners after witnessing that kind of behavior.

    • Avatar Of Sharon



      Funny, in all of the episodes I’ve watched, I never saw that kind of training. I have, however, seen those clips shopped on youtube, which is where I suspect you saw them. Anything can be removed from a whole and made to look like something it isn’t, including a video clip (see Lennox videos done by the police examiners).

  12. Avatar Of Susan Linch Ravan

    Susan Linch Ravan


    The owner of the dog is pleased by the outcome. The pigs were treated. Cesar is an awesome dog person and has rehabilitated dogs that would have been put down by other groups. Is anyone fallible? Of course, they are human.

  13. Avatar Of Wild Cat

    Wild Cat


    Of course Simon’s owner is defending him……….. he probably paid her of!!

    • Avatar Of Sharon



      Or her dog probably doesn’t kill pigs any more, which is a heck of a lot more logical. Notice her dog still lives with her, as do her pigs, which was the point. Shame on you.

  14. Avatar Of Evy



    I hate the way people enhance a situation when they weren’t there and don’t really have a clue. Cesar you ROCK !!

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