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‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan Cleared of Animal Cruelty Charges

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Self-proclaimed ‘Dog Whisperer’ and star of NatGeo television show Cesar 911, Cesar Millan has been cleared of all animal cruelty charges stemming from an episode that aired last month.

In the episode, Simon, a French Bulldog/terrier mix with a history of attacking pigs, visited Millan’s Dog Psychology Center to be rehabilitated by the trainer when things went terribly wrong. According to animal advocates and behaviorists, Millan’s techniques directly led to a bloody attack on one of the pigs. An attack which, many agree, would have been avoided had Millan taken necessary precautions to provide for the safety of all animals involved.

The episode sparked outrage among behaviorists, trainers, and animal lovers alike and created a deeper chasm between those that support Millan’s methods and those that vehemently oppose them.

While Millan has been cleared, investigators indicated he was indeed negligent, but thought it would be “best handled with a conversation urging corrective action rather than filing animal cruelty charges.”

“We were always confident that Animal Control would conclude that Cesar and his team did nothing wrong and that there would be no charges,” Millan’s attorney, Brian Klein, said in a statement.

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  1. Avatar Of Marcia



    Considering the level of fanaticism here, I’m surprised the DP ‘prints’ anything not 100% worshipful. Maybe tar-and-feathering has gone out of style.

  2. Avatar Of Jane Jane says:

    Good decision. Clearly Milan loves his animals. But I disagree with his some of his legal team’s response. He DID do something wrong by not putting a protector on the dog’s mouth whilst training him. Whether any human sees it as a mere nip or not it can’t have been fun for the pig.

  3. Avatar Of Judy Hamby

    Judy Hamby


    My husband and I have bred, raised and shown Bull Terriers for 40 years. We both admire Cesar Millan. Our Posy is sound asleep in the Lazy Boy recliner next to me. She loves to be rocked –all 56 pounds of her. We both approve of Cesar’s methods; however, there are always some crazies out there who are never satisfied. Keep on keeping on Cesar.

  4. Avatar Of Joan Pashinsky

    Joan pashinsky


    of course he did, because his training and love for the animals always prevails…
    Hey you nay sayers dont bother to write in with your negative comments.
    Cesar Millan you are loved by millions thankyou for all you have done.
    you deserve a blessing for a life time……….

  5. Avatar Of Terri



    Cesar Milan is a macho twit. He doesn’t help dogs, he misleads people. Ignorant TV producers allow his hideous presence.

    • Avatar Of Carol



      Grow up and know what u r talking about before you speak, it sounds like you’re jealous of a man who knows what he’s doing, you can tell he loves animals his whole is helping them and if you did any watching or reading about it you would know what he knows about these animals, we need more like him.

  6. Avatar Of Cathy Mitchum

    Cathy Mitchum


    Cesar loves dogs more than anything other person I know! He allows them to be themselves and helps them to recover what humans take from them,their identity as dogs!! Keep going Cesar!Your pack will always love you!

  7. Avatar Of Wild Cat

    Wild Cat


    and the abuser with loads of money wins once again….

    when will he be finally stopped?!?

    • Avatar Of Cathy Mitchum

      Cathy Mitchum


      Just what kind of abuse are you talking about?

    • Avatar Of Joan Pashinsky

      Joan pashinsky


      Hey wild cat how about using some of that anger to help
      real animal abusers like people who burn mame and kill there dogs
      just for fun…Maybe you can get in there face and (finally stop the madness)
      Because your wasting your time trying to bash cesar.And it has nothing to do with
      how rich or poor you are he started from nothing and hads built a safe place for humanes
      and dogs to go so they can reabilitate in peace. So get off your high horsre and
      look down at an abused dogs eyes and then will talk…

  8. Avatar Of Mira



    The ONLY outcome possible…a tiny dog nips a pig’s ear…now, go and write an article about shepherds’ dogs who nip sheep ears and legs…
    JUSTICE has been SERVED. and to Cesar Millan’s detractors : get a life or GO out there and do better than him…and save thousands of dogs, and rehabilitate thousands…
    Way to go CESAR MILLAN !!!!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Belladonna



      Damn skippy Mira! Cesar has saved thousands of dogs from being put down because their stupid humans don’t know the first thing about training dogs.

      I see people walking their dogs and I hear them give Cesar’s famous “shh” when correcting their fur babies.

      People always have something to complain about, they should check themselves before they wreck themselves!

    • Avatar Of Kristi



      I agree!

    • Avatar Of Pig



      Go read a book on animal behavior and science based training….

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