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Chihuahua Takes Car For Joy Ride, Causes Crash

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On her way home from work one evening, Tabitha Ormaechea of Spokane, Washington, was stopped at a red light when her vehicle was struck. When she looked up to see what happened, instead of a person behind the wheel of the brown car that hit her, there was only a tiny Chihuahua looking over the steering wheel.

“I was shocked, I didn’t know if I was crazy, or if this little dog had taken a joy ride,” she told reporters.

Turns out, that’s exactly what happened.

Jason Martinez left his Chihuahua, Toby, in the car while he quickly ran into a nearby convenience store. Apparently, little Toby tired of waiting for Martinez and took the car for a spin.

“He must have knocked it out of gear and the car rolled out,” said Martinez.

Luckily, Toby only knocked the car into neutral and it slowly rolled toward the street where it bumped into Ormaechea’s vehicle. Damage to both cars is minimal and everyone involved, including little Toby, are just fine.

Martinez says, however, that Toby’s license is being revoked.

Don’t forget to engage your emergency brakes, folks!

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  1. Avatar Of Dj



    No…don’t engage your emergency brakes…DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR IN THR FIRST PLACE!

  2. Avatar Of Jackie Cody

    Jackie Cody


    Don’t EVER leave your pet in the car! Ever!!!!! Idiot.

  3. Avatar Of Lily Lily says:

    Maybe Toby was looking for the nearest Taco Bell…

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