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Chihuahua, also commonly referred to as New Yorker by the Mexicans, is a popular breed of dog that originated in Mexico. The breed is considered to be the smallest kind of dog. It belongs to the toy breed group that is generally adored for their tiny size and endearing expressions. Chihuahuas, like the other breeds that fit in the toy category, are bred for companionship as they embody sheer delight. Their coats may be smooth or long-haired, and it may come in many colors such as black, white, tan, and many other shades.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Chihuahua breed have the same weight of about 2 to 6 lbs. Both also have the same height of 6 to 9 in measured at the withers.


Chihuahuas are generally loving and affectionate. They tend to be extremely playful and funny. They typically focus merely on just one or two persons and this makes them generally ideal for older couples. However, they have the tendency to become fiercely loyal to one particular master. In some cases, Chihuahuas may become overly protective of that person, most especially when around other people or pets. In addition to that, the breed can become ill-tempered. They get easily aggravated to attack which make them unsuitable for families with small children. Nevertheless, Chihuahuas love to stay in their dens. They usually burrow themselves in clothes hampers, pillows, and blankets.



Smooth-coated Chihuahuas require merely occasional brushing, while the breed donned with a long coat needs to be brushed several times a week. Nonetheless, both variants of Chihuahua breed require a bath once a month using a mild shampoo. Since Chihuahuas are prone to ear infections, owners are encouraged to make sure that while bathing the pet, the water does not get into their ears.

Health Concerns

The members of the Chihuahua breed typically have a longer average lifespan of about 15 -18 years. However, like any other dog breed, Chihuahuas also have several dog health problems. Some of the conditions associated with the breed are wheezing and snoring, luxating patella, and dental problems. Since the breed has fragile bones, treating them roughly is a big no-no.

Best Environment

More often than not, Chihuahuas are considered to be good house-dwellers since their exercise needs can be greatly met indoors. They prefer warm environment, and they generally make excellent apartment pets. These tiny dogs are rather active, though running from one room to another inside the house can already be enough. For better socialization and less aggression toward other pets, a regular walk is also advisable for them. When walking your Chihuahua pet, it is highly necessary that you use a harness instead of a leash because the latter can readily damage their very delicate bone structures.

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