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Choosing a Dog Bed

When choosing a dog bed for your pet, you have a seemingly infinite number of options.  Consider these guidelines from

             Desirable Dog Bed Features

  • Provides comfort
  • Conserves body heat
  • Protects bony prominences
  • Easy to clean/washable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof and resists moisture

    Ideal Dog Bed Choice
  • A slightly elevated dog bed style with soft polyfill conserves heat; also the elevated style protects your pet from floor drafts. This type of dog bed combines softness and comfort with durability.
  • Choose a style with a machine washable cover that can easily be thrown in the washing machine when dirty or soiled.

    Shopping Dog Bed Tips
  • When choosing a dog bed, consider your dog’s size and choose one that will fit him as an adult.
  • Consider a dog bed that fits in his crate to make his “home” more comfortable.
  • When testing the bed filling, it should be springy, not compacted, after repeated use.
  • Choose sturdy materials that can’t be ripped or consumed by your pet.
  • A donut or nesting contour shaped dog bed that will fit around your pet to let him nestle in the center.
  • Some beds have an inner wrap that keeps moisture from getting into and ruining core filling.

Choosing a dog bed can be its own adventure.  Tell us your tale.




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