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What Type Of Sleeper is Your Dog? 3 Dog Sleeping Positions (And What They Mean)

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As we quarantine at home, you may begin to notice the weird sleeping behaviors of your dog. Maybe your dog likes to crawl up into a ball or bury themselves under a pile of dirty laundry. Whatever it is, our furry friends have a funny way of sleeping. 

But, what do these dog sleeping behaviors mean? To help, our friends at Casper reached out to dog experts to get the low down on the meaning behind these common dog sleeping positions. 

On Their Side

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Many dogs like to lie on their side with their legs extended. This is one of the most common sleeping positions for dogs and is especially prominent in puppies and older dogs who have stiff joints. This position typically means that your dog feels safe and relaxed in their environment.

On Their Stomach

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After a long day of playing, you may find your pup snoozing on their stomach. When your dog sleeps with their belly pressed to the floor and limbs sprawled out, this is known as the superman position. This position is very common among puppies and energetic, playful dogs. When your dog sleeps in this position it means that they are tired and need to rest, but are ready to jump and play at a moment’s notice. 

Curled Up in a Ball 

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Does your dog like to sleep curled up in a ball? This position is known as the donut position. In this position, your dog will sleep in a ball with all limbs tucked in close. Because they have all of their internal organs tucked away, this position typically means that your dog is seeking to protect themselves and preserve body heat. The donut positions is especially common in stray dogs or new dogs who are still getting used to their new home. 

To make sure your dog gets the best sleep possible, get a dog bed they feel comfortable in and make sure their surroundings are secure. For more insight into additional dog sleeping positions and their meaning, check out the infographic below. 

What Type Of Sleeper Is Your Dog?

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