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Cleaning Up a Dirty Issue Surrounding Dog Adoption

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October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, a time when dog adoption rates are historically low. To help clean out America’s shelters, two pet industry leaders, Wahl and Petfinder Foundation, are addressing a dirty issue about pet adoption, and in the process giving thousands of shelter dogs a fresh start.

“Grooming is important to the health of our pets, but it’s critical to the adoption of dogs who are abandoned to shelters and need new families,” said Karen Hollish, program marketing manager for Petfinder Foundation, “While there are many hurdles to dog adoption, one of the ongoing challenges rescue groups and shelters face is access to much-needed grooming supplies.”

According to a recent survey conducted by Petfinder Foundation, three out of four dogs entering pet shelters today are in need of grooming, but due to limited supplies and resources, only two of them will receive it. As for the impact of grooming on dog adoption, 73 percent of adopters start the process online, visiting websites such as Petfinder or their local animal rescue website to view profile photos of available dogs. Left unkempt, these dogs’ chances of making it rest on the hope that those looking to adopt can look past their dirty or shaggy exterior.

In response, Wahl, a leading manufacturer of pet grooming products, and the Petfinder Foundation are helping 10,000 dogs get washed and ready for adoption this October. To do this, Wahl is donating approximately 1,000 bottles of its All-natural Pet Shampoo to shelters nationwide to help with the clean-up effort.

“We look forward to working with the Petfinder Foundation on such an important initiative,” said Shay Moeller, product manager for Wahl Clipper. “As a pet industry leader, it’s our responsibility to raise awareness of this issue and help our shelters give their animals the best possible chance of being adopted.”

Wahl also wants you, the readers and fans of The Dogington Post, to have fresh, clean, picture perfect pups!

Oatmeal Shampoo
Five lucky readers will win a 24oz bottle of Wahl’s new all-natural Oatmeal pet shampoo! Read on for information on how to enter!

That’s why they’re giving five lucky readers a bottle of their new specially formulated all-natural pet shampoo, free of harsh detergents and toxic chemicals, just for reading about their shelter dog initiative and leaving a comment below!

Walh’s new Oatmeal Formula Natural Pet Shampoo contains oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lime verbena to soothe dry, itching, irritated skin and promote a healthy coat. To enter, simply share this article and tell us what you think of Wahl’s initiative to help shelter dogs with their line of natural shampoos!

To learn more about Wahl, and their entire line of pet care and grooming products, visit www.wahlpet.com.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude!
    Thank you so much, However I am having troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t know why I am unable to join it. Is there anybody having the same RSS issues?
    Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly respond?

  2. Avatar Of Liee.jett liee.jett says:

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  3. Avatar Of Karen Hill

    Karen Hill


    I would love to win this to give to my local animal shelter. I have volunteered to use it when I bath the dogs there.

  4. Avatar Of Alisha Shipley

    Alisha Shipley


    I have two dogs, one with severe allergies. We bathe him regularly, and try to ease his discomfort. Everybody feels better when they are clean and smell good, and anything that helps get dogs adopted is wonderful!

  5. Avatar Of Maggie Hatten

    Maggie Hatten


    It would be fantastic to find a shampoo that really eases the itch our dogs experience!

  6. Avatar Of Renee Salisbury

    Renee Salisbury


    I think it’s wonderful a all natural line of shampoos, for shelter dogs and dogs period. I believe all these chemicals they put in stuff for our fur kids is causing cancer, etc. I would love to win some for my border collie who has seasonal allergies.

  7. Avatar Of Jg Johnson

    JG Johnson


    We live in Florida and my mixed breed terrier has skin redness and itching almost year round. I would love to try this great product on my Molly.

  8. Avatar Of Holly Williams

    Holly Williams


    I recently tried this shampoo for my dog (shih tzu/poodle) and it works great for his itchy skin. His coat is nice and soft too.
    Thank you for helping shelter animals. <3

  9. Avatar Of C.j.seaward



    I have only used Oatmeal shampoo on my Black Labrador Retriever,her coat is beautiful…love to try this brand.

  10. Avatar Of Sue Brown

    Sue Brown


    Thank goodness a well know company like Wahl is stepping up to help shelter pets! Clean dogs help to get these babies adopted faster!
    The bigger the company, the louder the voice!! Kudos, Wahl!!!

  11. Avatar Of Lynn Lynn says:

    Fantastic! I love to shop at companies that support charities. And this is such a great cause! My dog was a shelter dog and it’s so important to help shelter dogs look their best.

  12. Avatar Of Nicole



    Love that they are giving away so many pet products to shelters! Rescue dogs are in great need of a good clean up!

  13. Avatar Of Bonnie Massicotte

    bonnie massicotte


    I am not a shelter but do have a shelter pup. I cant find where to enter to win a bottle of the shampoo but really hope I do as my little one has an itching problem and the oatmeal bathe would I hope help.

  14. Avatar Of Olivia O

    Olivia O


    PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE!!! I have been on a long term hunt for the perfect treatment shampoo for my princesses skin. Investing in special foods and all. If you can please help us make her feel better it would be greatly appreciated ! Belly girl and I say thank you. She is my rescue as well, my golden pompom(:

  15. Avatar Of Sharon



    What a wonderful idea! I donate food to my local shelter, but never thought about donating grooming supplies

  16. thank you for this chance to win this product im sure my Bear would love to try it , he is always itching and this would be great for us to try 😀

  17. thank you for the chance to win im sure my Bear would benefit from this as he always seems to itch it would be a great product for us to try 😀

  18. Avatar Of Kimberly Courtney

    Kimberly Courtney


    Awesome! I rescued my two terrier mix pups from a local animal shelter, and convinced my mom to rescue a shitzu. Supporting the animal shelters is great! Thank you Wahl!

  19. Avatar Of Lisa K

    Lisa K


    watching my 2 long-hair doxies chew and bite at themselves now… sure wish I had this product to try as nothing seems to be helping!

  20. Avatar Of Paula S

    Paula S


    need to try this for my Jack Russell Terrier

  21. Avatar Of Joyce Bray

    joyce Bray


    What a wonderful idea! In support I will buy your products, even if I don’t win!

  22. Avatar Of Laura Doerner

    Laura Doerner


    Thank you!

    If I do win your shampoo, I will donate it to my local shelter – and match it.

    I support shelters as much as I can. Bravo to you for doing the same!

  23. Avatar Of Lana White

    Lana White


    Thank you, Wahl! The shelter pets need all the help they can get in order to be adopted. I’d like to win your shampoo. I have three dogs, all with varying degrees of allergies.

  24. Avatar Of Deb Melser

    Deb Melser


    This is great – thank you!!

  25. Avatar Of Kathy M

    Kathy M


    would love to try this on my allergy plagued ACD 🙂

  26. Avatar Of Rhawnie Praiswater

    Rhawnie Praiswater


    Amazing!! And if I win mine can go to a pet rescue of your choice I already use your wonderful products!!

  27. Avatar Of Cathy D

    Cathy D



  28. Avatar Of Maria Maria says:

    Thank you for helping support shelter fur babies.

  29. Avatar Of Kathy Bubb

    Kathy Bubb


    Thank you, Wahl for helping our shelters!! My dog has sensitive skin, and I will try your shampoo even if I’m not lucky enough to win it!!!

  30. Avatar Of Julie Tucei

    Julie Tucei


    I think it is awesome that Wahl is going to help homeless pets in need. My Pippin was once homeless and in a high-kill shelter. Thanks to a rescue and Petfinder.com she now has a home. I wish all animals could find loving homes, and with companies like Wahl helping them things can only improve for many more adoptable pets. Thank you, Wahl!

  31. Avatar Of Joyce Henderson

    Joyce Henderson


    I love Wahl products, I have 3 shavers. 2 for my dogs and 1 for the hubby. I’ve groomed my dogs on my own since 1989 when I acquired a very thick furred Collie in Texas and the poor thing couldn’t get cool in the summer.

    I have used shampoos with Oatmeal in them for 40 some years in order to aid the animal in neutralizing skin issues, giving them relief from itchy, dry, scaly skin.

    Thank you, Wahl, for supplying the best shaving instruments in the business and for aiding shelter animals in finding new homes. If I didn’t already have 3 dogs and 1 that I “doggy day care” for, I would adopt another. But over populating my home is not wise or healthy for the animals.

    Thanks, again, for your wide range support of animals.

  32. Avatar Of Sandy



    This will make me loyal to Wahl forever!

  33. Avatar Of Lisa F

    Lisa F


    I like the fact that you are going to give bottles of your shampoo to the shelters. I constantly see shelters/rescues asking for support with supplies. I hope some of the shelters where I live receive bottles! Thanks for doing such a nice thing for all animals.

  34. Avatar Of Nicole Modrell

    Nicole Modrell


    I volunteer at the PSPCA. I spend my Sunday at the shelter bathing as many of the shelter dogs as I can. I am taking classes for dog grooming just to groom the shelter dogs! I practice as much as I can on them, what a difference a groom and a nice bath can make! The time spent one on one during the bath and grooming is also great for the dogs. I buy all of my own supplies, it would be so great if Wahl could hook the PSPCA up!

  35. Avatar Of Lisa Susanne

    Lisa Susanne


    Thanks so much, Wahls, for generously doing what you can to make these precious creatures more adoptable. I have 3 rescue dogs and 2 of them have skin issues from allergies. Sure could use some of that shampoo!! 🙂

  36. Avatar Of Sue Brown

    Sue Brown


    What a wonderful gift. As a groomer and also multi pet adopter, it’s wonderful to see so the much needed help from companies in the industry! Not only will the dogs look better, but they’ll FEEL a whole lot better, too!

  37. Avatar Of Amanda Madtes

    Amanda madtes


    PETFINDER was just bought by NESTLÉ who owns Purina. Scum of the Earth Petfood Company.

  38. Avatar Of Jane



    That’s the first shampoo I ever used on my Labrador and it worked wonders! Would love the chance to win it 😀

  39. Avatar Of Michelle Jacobi

    Michelle Jacobi


    My dachshund Amazing Larry would love some Wahl’s oatmeal pet shampoo! His little belly breaks out because he’s a low-rider who’s allergic to grass/pollen. :/

  40. Avatar Of Maude Ross

    Maude Ross


    Thank you, for helping the shelter pets! I volunteer at my local county shelter and I know for a fact they need all the grooming help they can get!

    • I have used this shampoo and it is wonderful** It is worth that you pay for
      it. I have 1 shelter dog and 1 that was left on the road to die.I have worked with a vet before and know all about how animals need a forever home.

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