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Considering The High Points of Medical Marijuana For Dogs

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Marijuana is once again a hot button issue. With the recent legalization in Washington and Colorado, several more states are expected to follow suit, making medical marijuana readily available in 19 states. Most users of medical grade marijuana are huge proponents of its many health benefits and that it is an all-natural solution to many of the pharmaceutical grade medicines available on the market. With all that being said, if medical marijuana is a healthier alternative for human relief, then what benefits can it provide for our four legged friends?

There are two sides to this answer currently. Users of medical marijuana and some “rogue” vets have stated that cannabis can be an alternative to immediate euthanasia in elder dogs. Many state that it can provide older dogs an extended quality of life in their late years. The opposing side states that marijuana can be sickening and even fatal for pooches. Although no scientific data fully supports either side, the opposing side of medical marijuana for pets cites a survey on the influx of dog hospitalizations due to the increase in “accidental ingestion” in Colorado. I practice and support natural medicine. I don’t use medical marijuana but do believe that there are some benefits to medical cannabis for canines. As with everything, use should be in moderation until accurate studies can be concluded. Doug Kramer, a California (go figure) veterinarian , goes on record with Sue Manning of the Huffington Post, in a controversial article about the increase in canine cannabis use.

Medical Marijuana For Pets Recommended By Veterinarian Doug Kramer

“Bugni-Daniel is part of a growing movement to give medical marijuana to pets in pain. Many urge caution until there’s better science behind it. But stories abound about changes in sick and dying pets after they’ve been given cannabis – even though it isn’t a proven pain killer for man or mutt, and it’s an illicit drug under federal law despite being legal for people in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

Leading the charge is Los Angeles veterinarian Doug Kramer, 36, known as the “Vet Guru,” who felt it was his duty to speak out while he has no family that would feel a verbal or financial backlash.

“I grew tired of euthanizing pets when I wasn’t doing everything I could to make their lives better,” he said. “I felt like I was letting them down.”

I support Vet Kramer for being willing to come out and support his views on a touchy subject. The consequences could be severe if his client base does not agree with his opinions. Its states further in the article that he has already seen some “backlash” in certain areas of his profession and although Kramer hasn’t lost any clients over his view, he was asked not to return to some of the clinics where he volunteered or relieved other vets because of concerns over the negative image his advocacy creates.

Doug is not the only person who is pro medical marijuana for dogs, but not everyone is willing to put it all on the line for their beliefs.

“Some other vets contacted said they share Kramer’s view on pot, but they wouldn’t talk on the record for fear of arrest or retaliation.”

As a better understanding of marijuana and its benefits is made aware, I believe more vets will tend to side with Kramer. Many people around the country are already medicating their pets with marijuana. I don’t see a negative with medical marijuana for pets, if it can improve the last few months or years of a loved family members life. Our pets deserve to have as happy as a life as we can provide them for all the joy they bring us.

How do you feel about medical marijuana? Do you think it would provides the same benefits for pets as humans? If it came down to euthanasia or pot for your pet, which option would you consider? I look forward to seeing all of your opinions and thoughts on this topic. Provide your comments below on this controversial issue.

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  1. Avatar Of Ana



    My 14+ dog started to get a cataract and I wasn’t sure if marijuana could help but a friend made some marijuana tea for him, he drank it as if he really liked it and his cataract went away, the vet was confused and I wanted to tell her but not sure if it would be viewd as wrong. Also he has arthritis and it helped that a lot too. Two months later a cataract came back and he was given some of that marijuana tea again and it worked again, I went to a different vet this time but I still felt too nervous to tell her. This has now helped him for a couple years, with his movement as well , very happy

  2. Avatar Of Louanne Louanne says:

    My last dog suffered from anxiety around July 4 and New Years. I began giving marijuana to him during those times. The effect was so great. He began to relax and ignore much of the noise.

  3. Mister is my 13+ hound dog rescue. He has many fatty tumors, stiffness and high anxiety. He is strong and in good shape though. He benefits from bits of marajuana caramels when his anxiety elevates. He also likes soothing sounscape music. I will do whatever I can for him.

  4. Avatar Of Kimberly Goddard

    Kimberly Goddard


    First of all, giving it to a baby pup is different than giving it to an older dog, that’s just common sense. Also, just like everything else in life, moderation is the key. Please educate yourselves. Responsible marijuana use helps, period, end of story.

  5. Avatar Of Beth



    I had a puppy that was given marijuana by a stupid friend of my sons. It about killed my puppy. Good thing I took him to the vet and told them what I suspected. They had to hook him up to an IV and flush it out of his little body, he was only about 7-8 weeks old baby basset hound. From my experience I would never give a dog marijuana. It can be deadly.

  6. Avatar Of Mitzygirl



    If it helps I see no problem. It has been proven time and time again marijuana is safer than alot of medications and has less side affects. If I had to choose euthanasia or pot for one my dogs(my babies), try the pot!

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