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Critter Zone: This Little Air Purifier Packs a Big Punch!

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One of the biggest problems we face as pet parents is pet odors. Stinky beds and wet dogs… and for some of us, litter boxes. It’s a constant battle cleaning and deodorizing… until now.

Enter the CritterZone Air Purifier! We have been so thoroughly impressed with this little machine. We met with the folks at CritterZone, including it’s inventor, Bill Converse. Bill and his son explained that their air purifier is unlike anything else on the market. Besides it’s compact size, there is no filter to replace, nothing to clean, nothing to refill. It’s powerful, too! the CritterZone will clean up to 800 square feet.

Air purification is more than covering up odors. It’s about cleaning the air you and your pets breathe every day, literally destroying the odors in your home AND removing allergen particles. Sure, we use sprays and deodorizers to tackle a quick mess, but this product works continuously in your home to actually improve the air environment.

CritterZone has a wall unit that will plug directly into your outlet, much like a plugin air freshener. They also have a wired unit that can also run on a car adapter so you can take it with you! I prefer the wired unit with the ability to purify the air in my car, too. I’ve also gotten into the habit of packing it when I travel, to clean the hotel room air. At a cost of pennies per month, and nothing to refill or replace, this unit really pays for itself.

I’ve been testing the CritterZone for over a month now, and can honestly say I will never stop using it! I noticed it working almost immediately after I plugged it in. The little machine makes virtually no noise. I notice a very, very slight ozone scent when I have the unit on high. I keep the unit running continuously on low, but if the animals are overdue for baths or I’m a little late with my mopping and dusting, I will bump it up to high.

Don’t be fooled. The CritterZone is not another air ionizer or ozone generator. In response to questions about the process, CritterZone said:

Let’s “clear the air” about one thing first: The CritterZone isn’t an ozone generator OR an ionizer. What it DOES do is reactivate indoor air by creating active ingredients that give the air the ability to clean itself, just like outdoor air does. Those active ingredients create chemical reactions and break down contaminants. Depending on the area and the situation, those reactions can give off different odors as the air works to clean itself. Some of those reactions will include oxygen being converted to a faint amount of ozone. However, this is waaaaaaay less than the amount that naturally occurs outside —about 1/1000th in fact!

Here’s the cool thing… any smell you might notice right away is a sign the machine is doing what it is supposed to be doing — improving your air quality by breaking down particles that cause odors.

So how long will it last? Well, it really depends on what the air quality was like before you plugged in the CritterZone. If your home/office/car is like most people’s, you probably have lots and lots of smells and unwanted particles floating around. But as the air gets cleaner, those reactions slow down. One option, if it bothers you, is to switch the machine to low and let it work more gradually.

We hope this information sheds a little light on some of the complex processes that go into cleaning up the air in your home when you use a CritterZone.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’d be happy to chat with you! You can contact us through our website: www.critterzoneusa.com.

It’s an electronic device that cleans your air with a process called “Continuous Charge Flow”. In this video, Bill Converse explains:

The CritterZone is only 4 ½ x 3 x 2 ½ inches, and easily fits on any wall or hardly takes up shelf space. Move it from room to room as needed, or buy a couple of them and never worry about bad air and pet odors again!

And this is really cool: If your dog has an accident on carpet, you can place the CritterZone directly on the spot. Leave it for about half an hour and the scent will be completely destroyed. Your dog will not be able to find that spot to pee again!

CritterZone is available on their website, www.CritterZoneUSA.com for $89.95.

Enter the code “dogingtonpost” at checkout and CritterZone will give you $10 off AND donate $15 to our friends at the National Mill Dog Rescue! Cool!

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  1. Avatar Of Goodson Goodson says:

    IT’s really good product.

  2. Avatar Of Richard Richard says:

    I have a CritterZone, it is a amazing machine, I really enjoy its working 🙂

  3. Avatar Of John John says:

    I have a CritterZone in my home, it is a amazing machine. I really enjoy its working.

  4. Avatar Of Rocky Rocky says:

    Can you help me using an air purifier, i want buy it for my home but not use

  5. using an air purifier, May help you in getting clean air for breathe. I have one air purifier and I really enjoy its working.

  6. Avatar Of Brooke Arnold

    Brooke Arnold


    I can’t say enough good things about the Critter Zone. I had an unidentified stink in my laundry room that mopping, bleach and aerosol sprays couldn’t fix. Duh…I finally moved my Critter Zone into the laundry room, set it to high and left it. Within less than a day, the odor is COMPLETELY GONE. Not covered up or hidden – it’s destroyed!! I love my Critter Zone!

  7. I have a CritterZone in my home – that little machine is amazing! Living in a small house with 2 dogs, a cat, a gerbil, a rat, and an iguana (and a teenager!) smells can get out of control pretty quickly. But, not since I plugged in my CritterZone! Now when you walk in, all you smell is fresh, clean air! It makes virtually no noise, takes up only a tiny little spot on a bookshelf, and is worth ten times it’s weight in gold.

    If you have a dog, you should have a CritterZone.

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