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We Put this Odor Eliminator to the Stink Test!

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Does your home have a scent that announces the presence of  your dogs before they’re even seen? Does it smell like your furkid is riding in the car with you… even when he’s not? Well, you’re not alone! And there’s a fix! We found it – in a bottle of odor eliminator called NOse Offense.

Nose Offense

Created by a father and daughter team, NOse Offense is all-natural, organic, and green. The company asked us if we’d like to review their product and the team decided I was most qualified. (Something about having the stinkiest pets? Should I be offended?!)

So I put NOse Offense to these (un-Scientific) Stink Tests:

Test 1: My couch. Yes, I share my couch with my furkids. So it has, over time, absorbed some less than desirable pet scents. I use sprays that work well, but they’re loaded with perfumes that mask odors. So for my first test, I misted the couch cushions with NOse Offense, waited a few seconds, leaned in for a big whiff and smelled… absolutely nothing. No perfume, no chemicals, and best of all, no odors!

Test 2: Dog Beds. The results were the same here as they were for my couch. Dog smells were completely eliminated from the beds and no flowery or citrusy perfume smell left behind. I will obviously still need to wash their beds when they get dirty, but NOse Offense totally took care of the stinkies and I can go longer between washing.

Test 3: Litter Box. I know, I know, this is a dog site…but many of us have cats (including me!) so I may as well include this test, too. Perhaps the most offensive pet odor of all is the litter box. I misted NOse Offense over it after scooping twice a day to keep cat box odors at bay. For the record, this is now where I keep my own bottle of NOse Offense for daily use.

Emma put NOse Offense to the Ultimate Test

Test 4: Emma the Bullmastiff. Perhaps the toughest test of all, Emma was due for her weekly bath and was stinking up the joint! NOse Offense is completely safe to spray the product on a cloth and wipe down your pet’s coat. It won’t replace her bath, but it definitely got rid of her stink! This would be a great solution in a pinch if surprise visitors pop over and I don’t have time to bathe her!

How does it work? NOse Offense is actually an odor neutralizer, not a deodorant or perfume. It doesn’t mask the smell with another scent – it bonds with the stink molecules to eliminate them. In addition, the company’s goal is to provide effective products that are 100% safe for our pets. NOse Offense is safe, non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and manufactured to be 100% free of enzymes, alcohol, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates and phthalates.

For a more detailed explanation of why phthalates in air fresheners are considered dangerous to humans and pets, take a look at a report from the National Resources Defense Council here.

I can, without hesitation, recommend NOse Offense for Pets Odor Eliminator. I’m now using it in  my own home everywhere I was previously using Febreze and other room sprays. Learn more about NOse Offense, or purchase it hereIr?T=Dogipost 20&Amp;L=As2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B007Vf8Rso.

Use the discount code DOGPOST20 for 20% off your entire purchase on www.noseoffense.com! (Offer good for 2 weeks – expires July 30, 2013)

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  1. Avatar Of Kyla



    Have a cat that pees all over the balcony…and i hate the smell of cat pee more than anything! At my wit’s end i tried odor medic o.f. Not only were they extremely helpful but the product works!

  2. Avatar Of Karin Schuster

    Karin Schuster


    what abt using it on the carpet?

  3. Avatar Of Sammie



    we LOVE this stuff! best odor remover ever.

  4. Avatar Of Susan Huisman

    Susan Huisman


    Two dogs — two cats – two dog beds – two litter boxes – too many smells … would like to try this !!

  5. Avatar Of Dawn Contino

    Dawn Contino


    Hi, I have 2 Yorkshire and 1 cat. Would love to try this. When we rescued the cat the dogs got upset and have been Peeing behind our chair. Tried everything.

  6. Avatar Of Andrea Kim

    Andrea Kim


    With 8 cats, 2 dogs and a parrot, I really could use this!

  7. Avatar Of Shannon Mcmahan

    Shannon McMahan


    I have a Mini Schnoodle who thinks it’s her job to roll, scoot, and frolic in all things Nature, then burrow deep into our bed.
    We also have a 15 1/2 year-old Husky/Lab who has survived abuse, car accidents, cancer, severe pancreatitis and lives with arthritis. She unfortunately also lives with an inverted vulva and all of the issues that come with it.
    Needless to say… we are constantly battling the funk… on the sofas, the dog beds, our bed, carpeting… and always looking for a better, safer solution.
    We would certainly love a sample 🙂

  8. Avatar Of Jen Gamble

    Jen Gamble


    I have 3 rescued dogs, each one has their own unique smell issue. I would love to try one product that would help eliminate ALL the odors!

  9. Avatar Of Eleanor Prevost

    Eleanor Prevost


    I have a German Shepherd mix and a Pekinese mix at home along with a trail of foster dogs that come and go. Some of the foster dogs are scared at first and so we have had some pee problems. This would be great for those times.

  10. Avatar Of Stephen Boolos

    Stephen Boolos


    We share our whole house – couches, bed, etc. with our dogs, and between baths, we can get some obvious dog odor. This sounds like a product we should try.

  11. Avatar Of Susan Allard

    Susan Allard


    We have 5 pets…3 dogs & 2 cats…needless to say our house “smells of animals” regardless of how much we clean, spray, vacuum, etc. I would love to try NOse Offense to see if it would make a difference in our home.

  12. I used Odor Medic and it is fabulous. One treatment and no more cat urine odor. Clean pleasant scent when used. Won’t harm any surface. I used on cloth, wood floors, wall, plaster, etc.

    I found it online.

    • Avatar Of Coco Cook

      coco cook


      does it really work? I heard about SCOE 10X. Have you tried this product? I’m not sure which one to buy. They’re all so expensive

  13. Avatar Of Cynthia Perez

    Cynthia Perez


    I would like to try this out because I have 4 chihuahuas and 1 yorkie at home. They get “puppy spa day” every two weeks, but in the mean time they do get pretty “ripe”. Especially the yorkie (the only male). When he lifts his leg he ALWAYS leaves pee on his belly. His fur there actually is yellow. I’ve kept that fur short and I wipe him multiple times during the day and yet he’s yellow.

  14. Avatar Of Jen Schneider

    Jen Schneider


    I have two boxers and a golden retriever. Dozer the gr, needs a bath every time I get near him. We have a large dirt dog run that the dogs have a blast in. Dozer keeps whatever is in the dog run on his fur. Even brushing him doesn’t help get the scent out. I would love to be able to cheat at put the NOse offense on him!

  15. Avatar Of Kathe



    I have two doxies…one is 4 and lets some awful smelly farts. The second one is 3 and once in a while he has anal sac problems and scoots his butt on the carpet. I think I’d rather smell the farts than that “butt juice”…yucky!!!
    So, I would like to try Noseoffense to see if it truly rids my house of these odors.

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