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Review & Giveaway: Kurgo Dog Essentials for Home or Away!

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I just happened to have a favorite old bed that I’d tossed into the “eventually I’ll get around to sewing this” pile after one of the corners had mysteriously ripped open and began un-stuffing itself (both dogs swear they didn’t do it) when I received a Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover in the mail to try out and review. (Lucky YOU, they’re giving one away – look down below to enter for the chance to win!)


I’ve got 2 large dogs and use fairly large dog beds, and at 27″ x 36″, the medium sized Loft Duvet Cover fit that old bed perfectly. But, parents of even larger pups will be pleased to know the large cover will fit a bed up to 36″ x 45″! That’s fantastic news for those of us that love to provide a soft, cozy place for our dogs to lay, but dread the insane price tag of a large dog bed.

Besides being the perfect fit, the heavy, quilted nylon fabric was just really nice to look at at. And really soft to the touch. (Yes, I laid down on it myself to give it a try.)

Probably one of my most favorite features of the Loft Duvet Cover is the small zipper pocket on top for adding reminders of home, like an old worn shirt, a favorite toy, or some other item that comforts your dog – perfect for when you’re dog is home alone, tucked into his crate, away at the dogsitter, or as a scent of home when you’re traveling together.


So, in the spirit of really getting to try and test a new product to write this review, I opened the back door and let the dogs outside. There was a light sprinkle of rain and both dogs had been inside for several hours – the perfect storm for backyard mud wrestling.

After several moments of play, I called the furkids back inside. Damp and muddy, I asked them one by one to lay down on the “new bed,” which they happily obliged.

Had they come inside and plopped down on a different bed that day, dripping and smearing dirt and mud onto the fabric, I’d probably have had to toss the bed. But, the Loft Duvet Cover is not only removable – it’s waterproof (read: mudproof!) and washable!

Water actually rolls right off, without absorbing into the fabric (and into the bedding inside). And, dirt and loose hair can be brushed off. Still, I removed the cover, tossed it in the washer (Kurgo recommends hand washing with cold water or on the gentle cycle of a front load washer) and crossed my fingers.

I’ve tried washing my dog’s beds and bed covers in the past… The beds without removable covers – forget about it. Once those things go through the washer, they resemble more of an amoebic mass of fluff than a rectangular dog bed. They’re never quite the same. And washable covers have always been a hassle to put back on, or they fade in the wash, or threads start coming loose.

The Loft Duvet Cover came out of the wash just as beautiful and vibrant as it went in. It was the same bright color I loved, the same perfect shape and size, and all zippers and threads were still perfectly in place. (Although, had anything gone wrong in the wash, Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects – a lifetime!)

I stuffed the old, worn dog bed back inside it and, voila! – it was a beautiful, clean bed again!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an old, worn-out bed lying around. You can also fill the duvet cover with a blanket, used pillows, old clothing, foam – or anything soft and squishy that’s nice to lay on but not so nice to look at.


Where can I get one, you ask? Well, they’re sold directly at or through many of your favorite retail and pet specialty shops.

OR, you can enter an exciting giveaway below! One Grand Prize winner will receive the Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover and 10 additional winners will take home a Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl – barely an inch thick when flattened, this PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free rubbery, collapsable bowl is perfect for traveling with your furriest friends. It stores completely flat, but pops up to hold an impressive 24 ounces of water!

Enter below to win!


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  1. Avatar Of Joseph Joseph says:

    Hi Brandy…. I enjoyed reading your article. I believe we share some common things. We both have 2 large dogs, we both enjoy writing. Bernie is my white 3 year Goldendoodle. Chris, an Apricot standard poodle, will be 2 years in December.

    Bernie is a therapy dog and Chris takes his therapy test on December 13th. Bernie and I visit 4 facilities weekly. Chris will join us as soon as he is certified.

    My (embarrassed to say) functions but needs work. I totally enjoy sharing my adventures with the dogs.

    That is another common trait we share….internal joy they give us.

    My queen bed is their sleeping bad. I’d love a Kurgo cover, but….

    Enjoy every day with your two dogs…


  2. I have a blind dog. He is my best friend in the entire world!

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