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Tips On How To Enjoy A Safe Boating With Your Dog

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Boating is good for your health and mind. It’s a wonderful activity you can share with friends, family, and pets! Dogs, especially, like interactions and will benefit from exposure to nature and a feeling of adventure.

Boating with dogs can be enjoyable. And most dogs like the water, and some breeds do well when in it. Although it is a misconception that all dogs are natural swimmers, a life vest and a swimming lesson can help. Most dogs automatically paddle when they accidentally fall into the water, but this may be the extent of their swimming skills.

Quality time spent taking them for a boat ride also comes with potential dangers. Here, we list some tips to help you enjoy a pet-friendly boating experience with your dog. Keep reading to find out more!

Exploring The Boat

Exploring The Boat

Prepare your dog for the adventure by letting him explore the boat. Give him time to access the boat while on the dock, and afterward, turn the engine on so he can get used to the sound. Work your way up to short cruises and build to longer ones. Provide safe access for your dog when getting in and out of the boat. You can buy ramps or dog ladders that they can regularly use.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Boating can take a long time, and water is essential on a hot day. Bring fresh and clean water for hydration. Do not let them drink sea or lake water. Some water dishes can be attached to the boat, so you’ll never forget them.

Life Vest And Safety Kits

Life Vest and Safety Kits

Invest in safety gear. As said earlier, not all dogs know how to swim, and sometimes even those good swimmers can get off guard when they fall into the water. Dog-specific life jackets can be bought and should be worn at all times. Some come with handles that can make lifting them off the water easier for you. Pet accidents can also happen. Being away on the boat and far away from the mainland, it is crucial to have a pet first aid kit for your pet.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Keep the deck cool by having some shade for your pet. Paws can be damaged by extreme heat. The harmful effects of the sun can also cause harm to your dog. There are many SPF options you can choose from, with sunscreens made especially for dogs. Ensure the sunscreen is ready for you on the boat and use it regularly.
Several marinas and parks do not allow pets, so before reaching the coast, make sure you call. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID collar that includes your phone number and contact information. And there you have it! Enjoy your boating adventure with your dog!

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