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Cropping & Docking Ears & Tails

Some of the most controversial surgeries performed on canines are ear cropping and tail docking. While ear cropping refers to the clinical restructuring of a dog’s ears, tail docking nvolves amputating a part of his tail. Although these operations are sometimes carried out to correct birth defects or damages from a disease or injury, most cases reveal that these costly and agonizing procedures are performed for show ring conformity.

A Brief Overview

A lot of people, in the name of canine good looks, try to give their pooches these so-called “sought-after” traits for the show ring by resorting to painful and needless surgeries like cropping their ears and docking their tail. Many ruthless vets perform these cruel procedures that cause numerous dogs to needlessly suffer.

Most dogs have their ears cropped at the time they reach the age of merely about eight to twelve weeks. During this period, the trauma brought about by the painful operation can already have a powerful psychological effect on the growing puppy. The process of repetitively taping their cropped ears to have it stand erect can be very tormenting for the pooch.

Puppies, on the other hand, are usually just several days old at the time their tails are cut off. What’s worse is that they are rarely provided with anesthesia to help numb the throbbing pain. Concerned vets commonly object to this capricious amputation of canine body parts which are primarily used for balance, communication, and expression. While some dog pets “talk” to their human friends, others make use of their ears and tails to interact.

Are these Humane?

It is outrageous to have your four-legged friend undergo any of these medically pointless procedures which only perpetuate his image as a fashion accessory. This particular image is basically promoted by the largest US breed registry, the American Kennel Club as well as by the dog breeders who tend believe that their pooch’s breed would be cleaned out if it fails to maintain that look that has been passed down by various parental breed clubs several decades ago. As a matter of fact, these operations are so undeniably cruel that ear cropping and tail docking have been outlawed in many countries in Europe. Not to mention, lots of their kennel clubs banned cropping of ears hundred years ago, while docking of tail for cosmetic reasons was brought to an end in 1993.

Unfortunately, some vets still insist that there is nothing wrong with disfiguring a canine whose owner is eager to spend a lot of money for it. As what the American Veterinary Medical Association has stated, both ear-cropping and tail-docking procedures are not clinically suggested nor does it offer any benefit to the dog patient. According to them, these surgical operations only result to pain and suffering, and just like any other surgery, these accompany inherent dangers of blood loss, infection, and other health risks.




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