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Dachshund Escapes Plane, Eludes Authorities at Newark Airport

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Port Authority Police at Newark Liberty International Airport were sent on a wild weiner-dog chase when a Dachshund escaped while he was being unloaded from the cargo hold yesterday evening.

Apparently little Henry, the Dachshund, had been cooped up long enough. Around 7:20pm last night, while being unloaded from Lufthansa flight 412, the spry pup escaped his crate and took off down the tarmac. Henry eluded Port Authority Police for close to an hour before they finally cornered him near a fence.

After cornering him, however, they were unable to capture the little dog. Officials removed Henry’s owner from the plane and brought her to wear they’d trapped the sneaky boy. As soon as he saw his human, Henry ran and leapt into her arms, trembling and most certainly happy to finally be safe.

Henry is doing fine and is safely back at home with his Mercer, New Jersey family – and have they got quite the story to tell!

While this story had a happy ending, this situation could easily have ended badly. If you choose to travel with your pets, especially in the cargo hold of a plane where they’ll be unattended and then handled by unknown persons, make sure they are secure in their crates! A 10-cent zip tie or tape across the edges of the crate door could have prevented Henry’s misadventures! (Locks requiring a combination or a key are not recommended, as they may prohibit accessing the dog in the event of an emergency.)

Aside from a little embarrassment, airport operations resumed as scheduled.

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  1. Avatar Of Cynthia Clough

    Cynthia Clough


    Dachshunds can travel internationally in cabin–I’ve traveled all over the world with my four, but obviously not with all of them in cabin at the same time. The fussiest comes with me in cabin and the others, alas, do occasionally go cargo, but without problem since they are crate trained and consider their crates safe havens. I would point out, however, that Lufthansa of all the airlines is the strictest in terms of insisting that crates be certain measurements for certain dogs (I once got stuck in Munich during a layover between Oslo and Turin and had to buy new crates to board and have heard this happening often to other friends’ pets). They are, however, extremely pet-conscious, and the cargo area is climate-controlled with dogs well-attended. Air France also has a great reputation for conscientious care of cargo-traveling pets. Delta had some issues awhile back and now have no cargo service during extreme weather==but cabin is never a problem, even internationally. Most of us who live and work in two or more countries are very dedicated to ensuring our pets be well-cared for during travel. Henry’s case is a fluke. Mine are adventurous escape artists and would do the same given half a chance. So glad that he is okay.

  2. Avatar Of Leemrk



    This happens too often, and not with happy endings, either. I will probably never be able to go overseas, because I would not trust that my pet would arrive safely… so if I can’t drive, I don’t go.

  3. Avatar Of Weenerdog



    Dogs this small should never be in cargo. Shame on these owners.

    • Avatar Of Dogowner



      It’s not necessarily the owners fault. I tried to fly with my small enough to go under the seat in front of me Rat terrier who was perfectly happy (size wise) in his carrier and the airline told me the carrier was too small for the dog (it wasn’t) and was inhumane but he could be put in cargo in it (ummm because the carrier suddenly will be big enough to be humane in cargo??? AND cargo is MORE humane than under the seat in front of me ….) I chose not to fly and instead rented a car to my destination, judging from the fact that this was Lufthansa I don’t think they had that option and speaking of judging you probably shouldn’t unless you know the whole entire situation aka “standing in other people’s shoes” …

  4. Avatar Of Bparker



    These folks clearly have never had a dachshund. Those little short legs can run SO fast, it doesn’t surprise me that he could outrun an entire airport! HA!

  5. Avatar Of Bernice



    Why wasn’t he under the seat in a carrier? No dog should travel cargo, it’s freezing in there, plus with this weather?

    • Avatar Of Kellie Newcomb

      Kellie Newcomb


      Not all doxies are small enought to fly in cabin. Mine are standards and not minis. Plus if you’re flying internationally, they are not allowed to fly in cabin. Cargo is perfectly safe for most dogs if precautions like zip ties on the carrier doors and a warm blanket is provided, I flew two doxies from Florida to Japan with ill effects on my pups. While the cabin is best, it’s not always possible. They were happy and healthy upon arrival! :).

  6. Avatar Of Laura Perez

    laura perez


    need to do spell check. wear//where

    • Avatar Of Kat Ferguson

      Kat Ferguson


      Dit-toe!! 🙂 Where do these “writers” learn to write? I wonder more an more all the time.

    • Avatar Of Teri Lombardi

      Teri Lombardi


      Good catch. That was the first thing that crossed my mind too. Unfortunately though, (giving them the benefit of the doubt) they probably did. Either “wear” or “where” and even “ware” would have probably passed. Someone needs to have an actual person proof read before they hit send LOL.

    • Avatar Of Lorri



      I know! I thought it must have been someone who went to school after the 70’s Spell-check-smell-check. Do NOT rely on the computer for your grammar and spelling!!!!! No one should be making those simple mistakes for such a widely published article. Makes them all look terrible!

      • Avatar Of Karine



        Just enjoy the story … No wonder other countries declare : Ugly Americans – I happen to agree ..

    • Avatar Of Matt



      You’re referring to grammar, not spelling. Anyway, I find it ironic that you use incorrect grammar while trying to correct someone on theirs. If you’re going to be stuck up about English at least use capitol letters in the beginning of a sentence. Also, “need to do spell check” isn’t a sentence anyway. Maybe if you had said “The writer should check their grammar first”, then you would have some credibility.

    • Avatar Of Karine



      Gee how kind of you … Of coourse I’m being sarcastic .. G’day Matey

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