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Airline Loses Dog on Flight to a New Home

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Five days ago, Jutta Kulic arranged for a new home for the pets of a dear friend that recently passed from cancer. One of those beloved pets was Larry, a 2-year old Italian Greyhound.

From her home in San Francisco, Kulic found a new home for Larry with a family in Canada. She arranged for the young dog to fly to his new home on Air Canada Airlines. After making all the preparations, zip-tying his crate several times to ensure his safety, and instructing the airline to absolutely not let him out of his crate unless he was in an enclosed room, Larry was off to his final destination – or so she thought.

Larry’s original flight was cancelled and the dog was transferred to a later flight the same day.

That’s when Kulic got the call from Air Canada.

“They called me at about 6:30, and told me one of their employees had decided to walk the dog,” Kulic told Sacramento’s CBS13 News. When airline workers opened his crate, Larry ran away. The airline told CBS13 that a team has been searching for the dog for five days.

Perhaps more shocking than negligently losing the dog was Air Canada’s reaction to reporters’ inquiries.

…we wanted answers about what went wrong—what procedures might not have been followed, and what they’re doing to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s pet.

Instead of answers, we got this email:

“I think I would just ignore, it is local news doing a story on a lost dog. Their entire government is shut down and about to default and this is how the US media spends its time.”

The email message above from Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick appears to be intended for a coworker.

Not surprising that the same airline responsible for losing a dog would also show such lack of compassion toward the dog’s owner, and lack of competence in dealing with the media.

Any readers in and around the San Francisco area, please share and keep an eye out for Larry. This poor dog has already lost the only dog parent he’s ever known, and now he’s lost in a big city.

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  1. Avatar Of John S

    John S


    This was a disaster waiting to happen.

    1. I would never transport a dog in cargo, PERIOD! I’m sure you could find a good loving home locally.

    2. You’ve got to know that things don’t always go as planned when traveling by air AND the reason you should never ship a dog in airline cargo.

    3. I’ve got news for you, airlines do not have “enclosed rooms” or dog parks for pets to be released from their crates during delays.

    4. Most likely the airline worker is heartbroken over this. He is not to blame. It was a bad plan from the start.

    • Avatar Of Trillium



      If a dog is too large to fit under the seat they have to be shipped cargo. The hold area they are put in is pressurized and temperature controlled to an extent (the temperature has to stay between 40 degrees and 70 degrees. Also they have oxygen supplied just like the people in the cabin. If the ground temperature is greater than 85 degrees they will not ship your dog either, but will rebook on the next flight which meets the necessary requirements.) You are wrong about the enclosed area as well. There are airports in the US designated pet safe airports. Those airports have enclosed areas so the dog can be released from its crate safely. On any delay of 4 hours or more they are required to take the dog out of the crate, offer clean fresh water, and an opportunity to go to the bathroom. I would never fly a dog unaccompanied, or in/out of an airport not deemed pet safe.

  2. Avatar Of Janie



    Well, our govt. may have problems but it doesn’t mean the U.S. citizens don’t still HAVE HEARTS! You lost the poor thing…FIND HIM!

  3. Avatar Of Linda



    What a bunch of jerks at that airline! The person that made that remark should be tarred, feathered and tied to a post with a sign that says “asshole” above his head! Is there any way to get all these messages posted on this airline’s page?

  4. Avatar Of Deb



    there are many groups, pilots also, that will help you get your pups relocated, they are small planes and not airlines, I do not know the names or where they are located but I have seen stories done on animal planet. I am sure that dogington post can find this info and post it so that people may have another option to relocate or rescue fur babies.

  5. Avatar Of Thomas



    “instructing the airline to absolutely not let him out…” Is far from leaving a note on the crate. Now who can’t read??? Someone messed up a selfless act of kindness, wow, At least the dog didn’t die on the flight.

    • Avatar Of Amy



      at least he didnt die on the flight!! what is wrong with you? they lost someones pet! i just thank god when my dogs had to fly they got back to me safe!!

    • Avatar Of Ann Macmichal

      Ann MacMichal


      I agree Thomas. The employee was trying to do a kind thing for the dog and it went awry. The email does show a lack of compassion; however, the whole thing was an accident and maybe the airline is trying to find the dog. Most of the comments here are sadly a reflection of our life today; angry, judgmental, vitriolic. It’s really a shame. I hope the dog is found and gets to its new home.

  6. Avatar Of Ruth



    More and more people have a lack of consciousness when it comes to someones beloved pet, as in the case of Phineas, the dog held in captivity in Salem.Mo for 18mo now (savephineas.com) We need to have more government interest in the concerns of the safty of our pets.

  7. Avatar Of Robin Richards

    Robin Richards


    I need closure. Will we ever know if Larry was found.

    • Avatar Of Midge Eakin

      midge eakin


      I Agree!! would like to know If he is Found!!

      • This fellow has been through so much I just wish someone would find him !!!! Bottom line is that the dog is the issue, not the airline or the government. Whoever wrote that E mail should be ashamed of themselves! Please find Larry San Francisco !!.Put the information on the news,in the newspaper shelters police etc. I wish I could help but I live in another state. Please let us know is he is found!

  8. Avatar Of Mary Curvat

    Mary Curvat


    Well obviously Air Canada hires workers that do not read…….Just imagine…..maybe their pilots do not read. just asking?

  9. Avatar Of Pam Brafdley Pam Brafdley says:

    Such thoughtless bastards don’t give a dam about anybody;s cargo CANT THEY READ NOT TO LET THIS DOG OUTTA HIS CRATE UNLESS IN A SECURE ROOM BLOODY MORONS.

  10. Avatar Of Angie Bradley

    Angie Bradley


    A BIG fat Law Suite is required, maybe that will make them sit up and pay attention!! LOSERS!

    • Avatar Of Marilyn Commins

      Marilyn Commins


      A BIG FAT Lawsuit will not happen because suing is very expensive.Even though people want to sue and collect damages it is most times not worth it monetarily.To hold them accountable it would be worth it.I have flown my dogs as pups via Continental and been extremely pleased with the care and concern they received. I introduced myself to the co pilot upon boarding and explained I had precious cargo aboard and asked if he would check to make sure they were onboard and comfortable which he had a flight attendat do who came back to my seat prior to taking off.They were in a pressurized compartment where there is only room for 5 live animals per flight.When we landed I could see from my seat that animals were unloaded first .I would fly with them again if I had to take my dogs with me.


  12. Avatar Of Toni Jones

    Toni Jones


    Shame on you Canada Air!

  13. Avatar Of Raoul Diblasi

    raoul diblasi


    I will remember never to use Air Canada!

  14. Avatar Of Sheri



    This is why I would fly my pet only if absolutely necessary. You hear these stories of incompetence all the time! How do people keep their jobs when they can’t follow simple directions? I think everyone should email Peter Fitzpatrick.

  15. Avatar Of Barbara



    I certainly hope that is one employee who is now looking for another job!

  16. Avatar Of Bette Thomas

    Bette Thomas


    What in the world made the employee decide he knew better than the instructions? Do not open crate unless in an enclosed room? Sheer ignorance.

  17. Avatar Of Russell N

    russell n


    someone should “lose” the airlines children maybe they would understand

  18. Avatar Of Cynthia Ferreira

    Cynthia Ferreira


    their lack of just plain old common courtesy is sickening!! they have none and don’t know the meaning of it!

  19. Avatar Of Cynthia Ferreira

    Cynthia Ferreira


    Loser Canadians !

    • Avatar Of N



      Yes clearly this one person represents the entire country. Seriously?

      • im not sure what Country the ignorant person is from that seems to think we Canadians are all stupid. Maybe stop and look around your own damn country before making remarks about someone elses country. grow up and look at it the way it is. one idiot makes a major mistake dont blame the whole country that he comes from. I pray that the dog is found quickly and safe.

  20. Avatar Of Ashley



    Assholes indeed. My thoughts to this lost greyhound…

  21. Avatar Of Annette &Amp; Edward Sutton

    Annette & Edward Sutton



    • Avatar Of Sandra Slack

      Sandra Slack


      Definitely! Glad I don’t ever fly by them and I never will!!

    • Avatar Of Ellen



      you ever wonder how these ass holes get the big paying job the air line should post a reward to find the poor boy and they should be looking like it was a lost child because i see a law suit in the future .if they can loose a dog i wouldn’t trust them with a child .and an other thing what the hell does the gov have to do with the dog i mean shit they are to busy pitting american soldier against american veterans .at least the owner of the dog has some kind of hope .no one has hope for our gov

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