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Dachshund Gives Birth To “Record-Breaking” Litter Of Puppies

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A Dachshund dog from Leicester, England has given birth to 11 puppies in what could be a “record-breaking” litter last month, on September 6.

According to the Daily Mail, Winne, the three-year-old mom of 11 puppies, gave birth at home near Leicester.

Unlike medium-sized and huge dog breeds, Dachshunds are usually capable of giving birth to about one to six puppies per litter due to their small size. So, Winnie giving birth to a whopping 11 puppies is an amazing feat!

Winnie’s owner, 23-year-old Rayma Jones, told the Daily Mail that she was amazed by her pooch’s litter and just kept counting the puppies over and over again.

She said, “I was so surprised that I kept expecting her to pop out another one when I wasn’t looking.”

“She’s such a great mum. I’m overwhelmed that she could have had a world record number of puppies.”

Jones can’t help but feel proud of her little pooch and even calls her “the best mom ever”. She revealed, “Winnie’s a natural. She even has ten nipples so she can nearly feed them all at the same time – it’s very sweet to watch.”

“She never wants to leave them, and if she hears another dog she’s right there next to them,” she continued.

According to Jones, Winnie gave birth to 10 puppies overnight, and she kept checking to make sure the super mom was okay.

However, when she checked on the pooch in the morning, there was one more puppy added to the litter.

Jones said, “I thought 10 was amazing. She’d stopped panting and lay down feeding them. I really thought she’d finished. When I came back I counted them and there were 11.”

Winnie is a wire-haired dachshund and according to Jones, the super mom gave birth to five silver-coated puppies with black spots, three chocolate, and three black and tan.

Jones revealed that she will be selling Winnie’s puppies after they’re ready to leave their mom at eight weeks old.

While Jones is still unsure of the price of the puppies, she said she’ll have to sell them because she “can’t live with 11 puppies or she’ll become the crazy dog lady!”

While Winnie’s litter is mind-blowing for her breed, the Guinness World Record’s “Largest Litter Of Dogs” record belongs to a Neapolitan mastiff, named Tia, who gave birth to a whopping 24 puppies.

Tia set the record in November 29, 2004 and no dog has ever broken the record since.

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