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Rescue Dog Gives Birth to An Amazing Litter of 13 Puppies

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Image from RSPCA care of JustGiving

Just recently, an 18-month old terrier cross named Elsa (named after Disney’s Frozen) surprised members of the RSPCA Organization by successfully giving birth to a large litter of 13 puppies.
RSPCA, an organization that supports rescued cats and dogs, rescued Elsa when she was heavily pregnant. She was rescued last month by RSPCA’s Essex South, Southend & District branch. They were only expecting around 6 puppies from Elsa and were amazed when she actually gave birth to 13.

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Image from RSPCA care of JustGiving

Kathy Butler, RSPCA branch manager, informed Mirror that “Some were quite small but Elsa is a very attentive mum and has done a wonderful job so far.”

Raising these 13 puppies is not only hard work, but costly as well. So RSPCA is welcoming sponsors to support a puppy. In return, they get to suggest a Disney-themed name for their puppy. 

Butler also mentioned “And we’d love to extend our sponsorship scheme to find sponsors for some of our older dogs and long-stay animals while they wait for their forever homes.”

If you wish to donate to Elsa’s puppies and other dogs at RSPCA, please visit their JustGiving page or head over to the branches’ page.

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