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Dad Saves Daughter’s Dog In A Cougar Attack

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Image from Ian Orservia Saanich News

Ian Orser immediately jumped into action when his daughter’s dog was attacked by a cougar. He was with his daughter, Megan, and their three dogs at a job site east of the Kootenay community on April 9 when it happened. 

“All of a sudden I heard this noise, a dog yowling and a cat screeching,” Orser told Global News. “At first I thought it was a dog fight.” 

It turned out to be significantly more serious than he thought. 

By that point, the cougar had dragged Megan’s nine-year-old Shephard-cross, Red, across the driveway onto the other side of the drive and had it by the head. The cougar only let go when Orser rushed to the animal and kicked it in the head several times. 

The injured dog needed to be taken to town to see a veterinarian. In all, Red needed about 20 stitches for puncture wounds to her back, neck, chest, and two legs. Now, she is being treated with painkillers and antibiotics and is playing with other dogs again. 

Meanwhile, the cougar was euthanized by the B.C. Conservation Officers Service.

Orser lovingly earned the title of “hero” from his daughter for saving the dog’s life. 

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