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Dennis, a Terribly Neglected Pit Bull Abandoned on a Bridge and Left to Die

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For the past 4 years, Hope For Paws has created videos that warmed the hearts of millions around the world. We’ve seen Eldad Hagar pull off some of the most incredible miracles, saving dogs from horrific situations and providing them with a loving, second chance at life.

But this video of Dennis – A sick, neglected Pit Bull who was abandoned on a bridge and left to die – is different than anything he’s ever shown us before… It’s an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a rescuer. Dealing with horrific situations every day, getting knocked down, but still finding a way to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and live to fight another day.

While many people call rescuers heroic for the work they do daily saving animals, rescuers aren’t the only ones who have this gift. EVERYONE has the ability to to make a difference. In Dennis’s story it was Gabriel Sepulvada. As he was skateboarding across a bridge one day, he found an abandoned dog in urgent need of medical care. Gabriel had seen Hope For Paws’ famous video of Jordan (see Jordan’s rescue here: youtu.be/_Q3PDuU17P4 ) and knew who to call for help. Gabriel stopped what he was doing and made a choice to try and make a difference in one dog’s life.

Please watch the video below. It shows us the honest and harsh realities of rescuing, but it also gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Please join our fight to save lives by sharing this video. You too can make a difference in saving precious lives.

Donate to Hope For Paws: www.hopeforpaws.org
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  1. Avatar Of Tammy



    Im so sorry for that poor baby but Thank God you found him and he knew love and kindness in his last days

  2. Avatar Of Kad



    This is the direct result of the gross overbreeding of a dog most people don’t want and a group of ‘advocates’ who don’t prepare owners by giving them real information about fighting BREED dogs. When are the people who claim to love this dog going to start demanding responsible breeding and ownership? When are they going to do something to help these dogs find better owners instead of shoving them off on anyone with a pulse? The best thing that can happen for these dogs is mandatory spay and neuter, the most common form of BSL.

    • Avatar Of Didithurt



      Yes, somehow the people who love the breed are to blame for this…Well, you certainly have the logic of a sociopath. BSL is the result of a very deranged mind, supported only by equally debauched, utterly sick individulals. Mandatory spay and neuter? Go back to North Korea bozo.

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