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DIY Dog Grooming Essentials

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Grooming is a big chore that not all of us love to do for our pets. But given the right equipment, any animal lover will take on the task.


Shampoo: When selecting a shampoo, you want to keep things natural and safe for pets. Choose a product that does NOT contain SLS or parabens. If you can find one that contains a natural preservative (like rosemary) you’re going to be encouraging a healthy coat while eliminating problems like yeast, which can cause everything from hot spots to Black Skin Disease. Try these fun foaming all-natural shampoo bars from DERMagic.

Conditioner: Choosing a conditioner follows the same rules as selecting a shampoo. You’ll want a mild conditioner that doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. Earthbath products feature all-natural formulas that are mild yet effective. The Oatmeal and Aloe conditioner is favorite!


Grooming Gloves: Make bathing quicker and more efficient with a pair of massaging grooming gloves. We love HandsOn Gloves for massaging and de-shedding during bathtime and in-between baths. Used wet or dry, the gloves massaging nodules on the fingers and palm quickly remove loose hair, help create a rich lather, and stimulate circulation while distributing natural oils for healthier skin and coat. An absolute must-have for any dog owner.

Spritz: When selecting a spritz or brush spray, all-natural is better. The new Silky Coating Brush Spray from Isle of Dogs is a wonderful way to give your tangle-prone dog a “dry bath”. Just spritz, brush and enjoy the clean fresh scent of Jasmine and Vanilla. This formula features coconut oil to help your dog retain that soft, silky coat you love.

Brush: Select a brush for your dog based on her coat. Most days, a slicker brush will do just fine for any type of coat. But for more detailed grooming, you’ll want to select a brush that is specifically designed for your dog’s unique coat.


De-Shedding Comb: Deshedding combs are a must have item for dogs with thick undercoats (also known as a “double-coat”). These types of dogs “blow out” their fur at least twice per year. Using a deshedding comb will help you keep the fur under control. Our favorite? The Eazee Deshedder! Ordinary deshedders have sharp metal blades that can cut and scratch people or pets. But the Eazee features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth. So there’s no risk of irritating skin or snagging living hair.

Nail Clippers: Don’t forget dog claws! All dogs claws need to stay short to help keep their paw nails from breaking off. Not everyone loves clipping nails, so choose clippers that make it easy. The ZEN Nail Clipper is designed for you to choose a size that will fit any nail so you never have to worry about cutting too short and “quicking” the nail. Any animal lover will love this unique design.

And, of course, don’t forget treats – these can be powerful motivators for dogs who prefer to avoid tubs!

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