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Does My Dog Love Me? 5 Signs You’ll Recognize

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Having a pet often means you question whether they just hang around all the time for those treats and belly rubs they like or whether they really care the same way you do.

We know how important it is for you to know how his or her love is unwavering, especially when you invest in the best food and indulge their habits. So we shortlisted five dog behaviors that can help you recognize that true puppy love:

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#1    He really looks into your eyes

Prominent dog researcher, Brian Hare, discussed how to evaluate canine emotion on a CBS News segment where he met with Anderson Cooper in 2014. Hare said you can really tell your dog loves you when he looks straight in the eyes, as he is “hugging you with his eyes”.

When you’re playing or cuddling with your dog and you both gaze into each other’s eyes, your dog releases oxytocin, the same hormone that helps new moms bond with their babies… Slowly maintain eye contact when you can during the day, and wait for your dog’s natural reaction.

#2    He uses specific facial expressions and body movements with you

Tail wagging is a proven indicator of how your dog is feeling but it’s not all that they use to express emotion. Yes, he wags his tail to the right around you, but have you noticed any facial expressions or unique signals?

If your dog is well bonded to you and loves you, you could notice him shifting his left brows or ears back when he’s around you and using his favorite toys, whereas with item he dislikes or strange people, it would be fewer right-sided facial movements. There’s also often “interesting” signals that you could look out for indicate your dog’s true feeling like leg humping and leaning towards you when standing.

#3    He’s always interested in you and in what you’re doing

Does your dog follow you into the kitchen all the time? If your dog is interested whether you’re preparing pizza for dinner or trying some eggs, high chance is he’s showing his care by tracking your every move.

Also if he’s not bothered by your smell/appearance when you get in from the gym, having just finished some heavy lifting… then that’s the kind of love we all want!

#4    He yawns when you do

You’ve probably experienced how contagious yawning is when you’re among friends or having a conversation but also ruled out that your dog can have the same sensation when he has a strong connection to you.

If you doubt this, test it out next time… and don’t fret if he does not yawn tight back as he may not understand your yawn at first.

#5    He is super-excited when you come home

While this isn’t the best determiner of your dog’s true feeling since some dogs can be a bit rambunctious. We think it’s love if every time you walk in the door he excitedly greets you with jumping and tail wagging.

Needless to say, these reactions vary from dog to dog so you should always trust your gut. It’s probably 100% right if it says that your pet’s heart is unconditionally yours

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Emily is the founder of DesirablePuppy, where she writes blogs about foodstuff as well as best products for dogs and lots of small tips on training dogs that she knows. Moreover, DesirablePuppy is designed to share her passion with dog owners and help to keep you in the clear know about your best friend.

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