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Dog Abandoned Behind Veterinary Hospital with Heartbreaking Note

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A Connecticut dog owner was so down on luck, he or she felt they had no other choice but to leave their beloved dog abandoned with a heartbreaking note explaining why.

Heartbreaking Note

Early Monday morning, an anonymous call to Harwinton Animal Control revealed to staff that a dog was left outside the Litchfield Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinary technician, Erin Barrows walked behind the building and found a wire crate placed in the shade beneath a tree. On top of the crate, a large bag of dog food. Inside, tipped over food and water bowls, blankets, toys, and a very frightened pit bull wearing a red bandana.

Also on the crate was a heartbreaking note.

“My name is Fatty McFat,” the note began. “I am aggressive only because I’m scared.”

The note goes on to explain that Fatty’s owner fell ill and became homeless, eventually having no choice but to abandon the dog he or she “loves very much.”

According to the note, the dog’s owner attempted to rehome him on several occasions, contacted police, the dog warden, and local veterinarians for assistance, but that “no one cared” and “no one would help.” After living in a car for 2 months, Fatty McFat’s owner felt they had no choice, hoping that be abandoning him, he would finally be treated with care, dignity, and love, no matter the outcome.

Now, Harwinton Animal Control is asking the public for help getting more information about the dog, his owner, or the situation described. Anyone with information is asked to call animal control at (860) 806-8743.

Under Connecticut law, animal control must hold Fatty McFat for at least 7 days in the event his owner is located. After that mandatory hold, they will determine whether he can be placed for adoption.

Please remember, abandoning an animal, even with the best intentions in mind, is never the right decision. If you or anyone you know if facing financial or other hardship and need assistance in caring for a pet, resources ARE available to help. Find a comprehensive list of organizations that assist pet owners in need right here.

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