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Dog Competes in Race Despite Partial Paralysis

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Although she didn’t win, Anderson Pooper, a 7-year old Dachshund left partially paralyzed after an injury when she was younger, was the biggest star at the Star 101.5 Weinerdog Races at Emerald Downs in Seattle last month.

Dave and Brenda Sizer adopted Pooper 4 year ago through the Animals with Disabilities, a nonprofit rescue group that Brenda operates. Since getting her a custom-fitted wheel cart, the Sizers told the NY Daily News, “She loves running. Any chance she gets she’s all in for it. We’ll take her to the coast and she’ll run on the beach and we have a hard time keeping up with her.”

Just look how happy she is running alongside other Doxies in the Weinerdog Races – with a big smile all the way to the finish line where mom, Brenda, waited with a snack.

“A lot of times people see her and go ‘awww, poor thing,'” Dave said. “We always say ‘don’t feel sorry for her. She could care less her legs don’t work. She’s as happy as she could be.'”

And now, Anderson Pooper is an inspiration to others. Just see for yourself:

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