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Dog Dies from Saltwater Poisoning After Fun Trip to the Beach

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A Florida dog owner was heartbroken when his beloved dog died from saltwater poisoning after an afternoon at his dog’s favorite place, the dog beach.

Dog Dies From Saltwater Poisoning After Fun Trip To The Beach The Dogington Post

Last Monday, Tampa dog dad, Chris Taylor took his best buddy, 7-year old Lab “OG” to his favorite place on the planet – dog beach – for a day of fun and exercise.

After spending a few hours at the beach, swimming and playing in the ocean, OG started having stomach issues. By Tuesday, he’d become lethargic. And, by Wednesday, the fun-loving Labrador stopped eating and became unresponsive.

Taylor rushed his dog to the veterinarian, but it was too late. OG had been suffering from saltwater poisoning. The otherwise healthy pup did not survive.

When dogs ingest large amounts of saltwater, the saltwater can cause severe brain damage, dehydration and seizures. Dr. Katy Meyer, with Tampa Bay Emergency Veterinary Services, said when sodium levels get really high, they affect the brain and your pet’s life is in danger.

“When the brain gets affected, the whole body gets affected,” she told ABC7.

Vets recommend limiting time spent at the beach to two hours or less, with frequent stops to provide fresh water and keep the dog hydrated.

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