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Dog Dies in Hot Car While Owner Enjoys the State Fair

A Massena, New York man was arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty on Labor Day when his dog died as after being left alone in a hot car for nearly 4 hours.

Patrick Oneill, 66, left his Labrador retriever, Ali, in his car while he and his girlfriend attended the New York State Fair yesterday. They arrived at the fairgrounds around 10:30am, left Ali in the car with one window slightly open and no water. Around 2:00pm, Oneill returned to check on the dog.

When a parking lot attendant called police to the scene, Oneill was standing over his dog while she had a seizure. Police tried, unsuccessfully, to save the dog by cooling her with ice and water.

The Post-Standard reported that Trooper Jack Keller claimed the temperature inside the vehicle had reached nearly 100 degrees.

“He said he thought it would be OK to leave his dog,” Keller told The Post-Standard. “About four hours later he goes back to check on the dog, and the dog is having seizures.”

Last May, Oneill was charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty for failing to care for his horses when state police found three horse skeletons in a field and a fourth horse decomposing inside a barn on his property.

This incident begs the question, why, after 22 prior animal cruelty charges, was this man allowed to own an animal? Weigh in with a comment below.




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