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Dog Escapes Kennel at LAX, Darts Across Runway

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Just before 7:30pm last night, while waiting on the tarmac to be boarded onto his plane, a large brown Boxer escaped his kennel and took off across two runways, delaying two flights before finally being captured by airport personnel.

The dog, who must have been terribly confused and frightened, was kenneled for a flight from Los Angeles International Airport bound for Paris. While waiting to be loaded, the dog apparently chewed through his kennel door, escaping onto the tarmac.

He immediately took off, running across two runways and delaying both an inbound and an outbound flight for about an hour until he was captured in a ditch that runs along the airport’s perimeter fence.

LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles said that neither the dog or airport personnel were injured in the event.

The dog’s owner had already left LAX on an earlier flight and was probably unaware that his dog escaped.

Pet owners are urged to take extra precautions, including using a chew-proof kennel, or locking kennel doors when preparing pets for travel in the cargo hold of a plane.

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