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Dog Finds Neighbor’s Missing Hand After Fireworks Accident

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Dog Finds Neighbors Missing Hand After Fireworks Accident The Dogington Post

A Chicago man may eventually regain the use of his hand, thanks to a neighbor’s dog who found the missing body part.

About 3:30pm, Cheri Steigert heard an explosion outside of her Portage Park home, followed by a horrific scream. A neighbor, 39-year old Rafat Shejaeya had blown his entire hand off in a fireworks accident. Shejaeya was rushed to the hospital along with two fingers that paramedics found at the scene. The majority of his hand, however, was nowhere to be found.

Hours later, Steigert’s dog made a gruesome discovery in her own backyard.

“Three hours later, I let my dog out in the yard and she comes back trotting with something in her mouth. I actually realized before picking it up it was part of the man’s hand. It had flown from across the street into our yard,” she told ABC7.

Thanks to Steigert’s dog, Shejaeya may recover some use of his hand, but doctors are unsure if the barber will be able to return to cutting hair.

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