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Dog Forced to Ride in Crate Strapped to Bumper of SUV at 70mph

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Animal Control officer Nicole Hubbard discovered and reported, and then snapped this photo of, a Beagle-mix strapped to the bumper of an SUV traveling 70mph down a Georgia highway.

File this one under the category, “What the bleep were they thinking?!”

Off-duty Animal Control officer, Nicole Hubbard and her boyfriend were traveling on Georgia’s I-95 on their way home from vacation when they spotted an SUV with a dog crate strapped to its bumper traveling at about 70mph.

“We thought, ‘Surely, they don’t have a dog in the back of it,’” Hubbard told the NY Daily News. “But when we got up next to it, there the dog was.”

Not only was the dog, who appears to be a Beagle mix, strapped to the bumper of the Dodge Durango, only inches from the vehicle’s exhaust and not much farther from the road beneath him, he had no food or water, and the temperature outside was about 94-degrees.

Hubbard did what any self-respecting human being would do and called Georgia’s highway patrol who said they’d dispatch an officer immediately.

Meanwhile, the temperature outside continued to climb.

After some time had passed, Hubbard called police again to see that an officer was, in fact, coming to the dog’s aide, and was told that they simply had no one available to send.

So, Hubbard and her boyfriend trailed the SUV until they reached the South Carolina border about two hours later, then called that state’s highway patrol department who immediately sent an officer to the highway. The SC dispatcher kept Hubbard on the line until police arrived and pulled the SUV over. Only then did Hubbard feel it was safe to continue her journey home.

While it’s not clear whether the dog’s owner was issued a citation or simply ordered to unstrap the dog and keep him inside the vehicle where he belongs, with his family, some reprieve from the heat, and some fresh water to drink, the efforts made by Hubbard very well could have saved the little dog’s life.

“I was just amazed that somebody could be that uneducated of the dangers with that dog being there,” Hubbard said. “Hopefully, they learned something from it.”

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  1. Avatar Of Epetsroyal EPETSROYAL says:

    Some people are just not cut out to be pet owners and should get a plant instead. That is so horrible to treat a dog like that. It is bad enough with the exhaust and the weather conditions, but to travel like that especially on a highway with a higher percentage of fender benders is insane!

  2. Avatar Of Patsy Turner

    Patsy Turner


    If I lived alone I would take everyone of them. !!!

  3. Avatar Of Jeff



    The officer surly should have issued a ticket but also contacted the Animal Control Office in the county where the driver lives for followup. Then put that crate on the head of the driver. This wasn’t a simple mistake. Somebody had to make that trailer to fit the crate. Let’s face it. Some people shouldn’t own pets. Knuckle head.

  4. Avatar Of Lee



    This is so beyond stupid and common sense that I am at a total loss for words. Hopefully the dog was taken away from the. Mitt Romney where are you?

  5. Avatar Of Mary Ingold

    Mary Ingold


    Thank goodness for Nicole Hubbard & boyfriend for caring about this poor little dog. I can’t understand people who would treat an animal this way.My dogs are a part of my family & they would ride in the car with me or we wouldn’t go.

  6. Avatar Of Mary



    Thank goodness that Nicole Hubbard saw this poor little dog being mistreated & got help for it. I can’t understand someone who would treat an animal like that.

  7. I’m sorry but after you went to all that trouble, why in the world would you leave until you knew the dog was completely safe? If we as human’s do not stick up for and then follow through with this kind of abuse these kind of inhuman people will talk their way out of it and continue to do these things. We have to speak up and follow through!!!!!!

  8. Avatar Of Chris Mcg

    Chris McG


    They learned from the best who is also smart enough to know better… our last Presidential contender.

  9. Avatar Of Cindy Taylor-Stender






  10. Avatar Of Titus Vorenus

    Titus Vorenus


    My comprehension of the word “Misanthropy” continues to grow every day. This is sickening.

  11. Avatar Of Susie Raimond

    susie raimond


    If the dog was not taken away from these people and if they were not issued a Hefty citation for cruelty to animals there is something WRONG with the system. The police should have known that the animal would have been put back in the crate when the people were no more than 20 miles down the road. People like this do not deserve to own animals and they should pay for for their stupidity.

  12. Avatar Of Larry Everett

    Larry Everett


    It appears that no one in the car had any common sense. Please do not do this,
    keep your pet inside the car with some water, and food.

  13. Avatar Of Anita



    wth are people thinking. and hooray for SC law enforcement responding and boo/hiss at Georgia for NOT responding. bunch of damn idiots. – except of course Hubbard and SC. thank you Lord, for them!

  14. Avatar Of Gwen



    The only thing I can say: “You can’t fix stupid”.

  15. Avatar Of Ruby Barry ruby barry says:

    are these people nuts don’t care enough for their dog to let him ride inside the car they don’t need a dog

  16. Avatar Of Carol Chappina

    Carol Chappina


    This poor defenseless dog. this is one of the most horrific images, and they should not have been able to keep the dog. this isn’t a story about common sense this goes way beyond that, but animal cruelty. Thank God an animal control officer was there at the same time.

  17. Avatar Of Shellby



    I hope they ended up in jail and to the person who reported this Thank you for being a kind hearted person that you are keep it up.

  18. Avatar Of Reggie Reggie says:

    I knew we should have put a Recliner back there!

  19. Avatar Of Sharon Brackeen

    Sharon Brackeen


    These people must have gotten their intelligence from a box of cracker jacks for sure, how totally ignorant of them. Poor dog.

  20. Avatar Of Sylvia Fisher

    Sylvia Fisher


    I hope these people were fined and their dog taken away from them. They do not deserve to have a dog. Is there any way to track them via their license, so that an officer could be dispatched to check up on the dog?

  21. Avatar Of Steven Linn

    Steven Linn


    I am heartbroken to read this! I won’t even type what I want to tell these people.

  22. Avatar Of Debra Roberson

    Debra Roberson


    My pets are like family they would never be made ride in a pet carrier being pulled on wheels outside.In any temprature in hot or cold!!!!!

  23. Avatar Of Gail Gail says:

    May God richly bless that girl for her persistance in the face of cruelty and evil. May God see fit to cause the poor little baby to be removed from the monsters who treated him that way. And finally, may the South Carolina officer who responded be a dog lover who administered an exquisitely painful ass whipping to the idiot who did such a thing to a dog who doubtlessly still wags his tail and just wants to love his master. (Amen, Lord, and mostly put the little dog in a better home.)

  24. Avatar Of Karen



    I would hope that the dog was taken from the inhumane people that did this.

  25. Avatar Of Tona TONA says:

    Why did he not stay to see if it was taken care of ? I would have been there from beginning to end.

  26. I am so sorry this occurred. What might have seemed a good idea turned really bad. I sympathize with your lack of judgment.

  27. Avatar Of Birgit Worman

    Birgit Worman


    I can not even comprehend that anyone would even consider doing this. I certainly hope they got some kind of a citation, and the realization that this is not an acceptable way to travel with a dog.Praying that the learned their lesson.

  28. Avatar Of Kat Garland

    Kat Garland


    Thank you for taking the time to be there for the poor dog. If everyone could step in would make such a difference.

  29. Avatar Of Teresa Yankey

    Teresa Yankey


    Sadly you can not fix stupid, and these people do not deserve to have an animal, any animal.

  30. Avatar Of Kevin D. Anderson

    Kevin D. Anderson


    OMG I can hardly believe this. An asshole was really born that day! I hope that SC highway patrol took this poor dog away. What a stupid, stupid thing to do. I can’t express in words (that can be printed) the outrage I feel.

  31. Avatar Of Rita



    Good on you, Officer Hubbard! Animals can’t protect themselves; thank God, there are some humans who will!

  32. Avatar Of Beth



    i hope they get charged with animal abuse

  33. Avatar Of Beth



    i think they should be charged with animal abuse

  34. Avatar Of Jennifer



    i just lost my little dog monday and i am devastated and these people are strapping theirs to a bumper do they have any fucking clue what i would do to have my dog back from heaven

  35. Avatar Of Nancy Obrien

    Nancy OBrien


    I cannot believe someone could be that stupid !! Anyone has to know the temp was raising, and the hot exhaust made it impossible for him to get cooled down at all. It’s people like this that shouldn’t be allowed to have animals. He should of been fined, but we have no way of knowing. If you aren’t going to treat your animals like family …… don’t get them. Period. <3

  36. Avatar Of Elliot Klein

    Elliot Klein


    Horrified that this pet owner was allowed to leave after being stopped. You reall y think this dog is gonna make it?? with a human like that?

    may as well say RIP now

  37. Avatar Of Sharon



    You can’t fix stupid,and that was stupid.Should have made theb ride like that.

  38. I really have trouble understanding what people are thinking or if they are thinking at all. An animal becomes a pet and then it is a family member. Maybe some people would choose to travel with their children or elderly parents in this manner. I can imagine that this poor dog was terrified. It certainly deserves a better family.

  39. Avatar Of Heather Woodside

    Heather Woodside


    Are they taking lessons from Mitt Romney. People are cruel.

  40. Avatar Of Donna Grinos Donna Grinos says:

    I can’t believe this was actually allowed!!! Why would these people even have an animal if they don’t include it as part of their family! They don’t have their kids riding back there so why would they put an animal of any kind back there! This is horrible!!!! They should not even own an animal.

  41. Avatar Of Margie



    This is so sad…..and no they didn’t learn a thing—just plain stupid! Should have had the dog taken from them.

  42. Avatar Of Bree Bree says:

    Where was this person born and raised? This is absolutely inhumane

  43. Avatar Of Swilliamson swilliamson says:

    they should take the owners kids and stuff one in the crate

  44. These are just animals to ppl-not pets! Depending where you are, 911 is BS! and never arive on time if they come at all.Seeing so much abuse and nothing done about it.Just shows you,that this wil never be stopped completely or enough to save the thousand of lives of animals. Someday,if not protected,our fur babies will not be here to love and hold.A world full of hate,I don’t cares,and imbosils,will do just as this video showed. They should not be allowed to own a pet! The laws aren’t strg enough and don’t protect the ones we love,use as support,and so many used as bait dogs.This is not the world I grew up in the morals I was taught.

  45. Avatar Of Charlie Coffey

    charlie coffey


    how stupid can people get. this is just unbelievable. people should have to take a test before they can have kids and pets. maybe that would take care of some of the stupid people in time.

  46. Avatar Of Dawn



    Education has nothing to do with stupidity. We had a presidential candidate who thought it was okay to strap a dog crate, with dog included, to the roof of his car.

  47. Avatar Of Deedee



    UNBELIEVABLE!!! How stupid can people be??!!!

  48. I can’t believe someone would be this stupid. The driver should be crated and forced to ride behind the vehicle. Too bad there is no cure for “Stupid”

  49. Avatar Of Debby Ledbetter

    Debby Ledbetter


    I have worried about this for several days now. I hope that something was done. I believe the pup should have been removed from these “people”. I have no doubt this pup would be adopted immediately! I pray this sweet, innocent pup is OK!

  50. Avatar Of Adrienne



    It sickens me that anyone could/would do this to a poor innocent animal. However, I must comment that there is no way the owner’s of this dog learnt anything. They DON’T CARE about the dog. The dog should have been taken away from them on the spot and they should have been booked for animal cruelty, plain and simple. These idiots do not deserve to have a pet. Period. I could understand Hubbard’s comment that she hopes they learned something from this if they had done something like fed the dog a grape; Unfortunately many people don’t know that grapes are toxic to dogs. That would have been an innocent mistake. But it does not take a rocket scientist to know that you don’t put a dog in a crate with no water, outside of your vehicle, traveling at any speed, let alone 70 mph. They’re not uninformed, they just don’t give a shit.

  51. Avatar Of Lillian Napoli

    lillian napoli


    what are those people thinking or there not i hope this dog was taken and given to a home that treats him like a part of the family not luggage

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