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Dog Found Cemented To Sidewalk Now Recovering

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Image from Tri-County Humane via Fox News

After being hospitalized for a number of illnesses, a dog found stuck to a sidewalk in Florida for days is reportedly making a full recovery.

According to Tri-County Humane, the dog was found stuck to a sidewalk on Yamato Drive in Boca Raton, Florida, on January 23. The dog was named Trooper by the shelter that found him.

The animal shelter believes the dog had been there for days and was “left to die” given its awful state.

“The smell was unbearable,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “There was no way a dog could have ended up like this over night [sic]. How long was it going on? How long does he have? Did he get to us in time?”

Trooper had 22 medical issues, including paralysis, a heart murmur, corneal ulcers, an enlarged prostate, worms, severe periodontal disease, ear infections, and a urinary tract infection, according to the shelter.

They also discovered maggots crawling through Trooper’s fur, overgrown nails, and decaying teeth when they were shaving him down. Aside from several tests made, Trooper underwent hours of grooming, baths with Keto shampoo because of burns from feces and urine.

The dog’s rehabilitation would cost more than $2,500 in medical costs alone, so the shelter is requesting donations to help pay for it. As of January 29, the fundraising had raised more than $18,000.

On an update made by the shelter on their Facebook page on February 14, Trooper is happily recovering 25 days after arriving at the Tri-County Humane.

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