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Dog Freezes to Death After Being Left in SPCA Transport Van Overnight

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Four employees with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Cincinnati have been “disciplined” after a dog in their care died.

In Sharonville, Ohio last week, four SPCA employees were transporting a Pit Bull mix to the Sharonville shelter in preparation for an upcoming adoption event.

When the group arrived at the facility, SPCA Vice president of Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Dave LeBourveau, explained to WXIX that “the four employees didn’t follow proper protocol in cleaning and checking the van.”

Between the four of them, no one remembered to bring the dog inside. He remained in the transport van overnight, while temperatures dropped below freezing.

The dog was discovered in a hypothermic state around 8am the next morning, after more than 16 hours alone in the van. He did not survive.

LeBourveau told WXIX, the employees who were disciplined were “animal lovers” and “great workers.”

None of them lost their jobs.

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  1. Avatar Of Judy



    4 of them forgot the dog was in the van. Give me a break. That is neglect and I don’t give a damn how hard they work, the dog is dead. All 4 of them should be punished, as any other person that leaves a dog outside, in the cold. No Mercy for the 4 guys, as the dog didn’t have any.

  2. Avatar Of Frances



    “disciplined”? If a citizen did that to an animal in a private vehicle they would be arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

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