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April Fools

Dog Gives Up Barking for Lent

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Wheaten Terrier

Lent, as some non-Catholics may not know, is the 40-day period lasting from Ash Wednesday to Easter. When it was first observed in the fourth century, its focus was on self-examination and self-denial in preparation for Easter, and Christians used fasting (not eating food) in the early years as a visible demonstration of this process. In modern days, Lent is often a time when Christians give up something pleasurable, such as chocolate, alcohol, coffee, or meat.

Sparky, a Wheaten Terrier who lives with the Brown Family in Toledo, Ohio, has long been considered a member of the family. So, when each of the Brown’s decided on what they would be giving up for Lent, Sparky was also tasked with choosing something to give up.

Little Susie Brown gave up chocolate, Mrs. and Mr. Brown both chose to give up caffeine, opting to stop drinking both coffee and soda, and Billy Brown gave up hot dogs – which was a difficult task right at the beginning of his Little League season! Now, seeing as how Sparky couldn’t bear the thought of giving up his nightly trachea chews, he opted to give up his second favorite activity – barking.

“It’s been a test of willpower for the whole family,” explained Mr. Brown, “but especially for Sparky. I’ve actually seen him cover his face with both paws when the mailman comes around. But he’s a good boy. A really good boy!”

So, what’s in store for Sparky after Easter? Mr. Brown remarked, “he’ll probably let out a really loud bark!”


The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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