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Dog Abuse

Dog Groomer Arrested in Brutal Abuse, Death of Beloved Family Dog

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A popular Georgia dog groomer was arrested and charged with felony animal abuse after brutally abusing and ultimately killing a beloved family dog who’d been dropped off to be groomed.

Dog Groomer

Michelle Root, the owner and featured stylist of Paw’sh Paws pet grooming salon in Cumming, Georgia was arrested and charged with felony animal abuse after allegedly kicking, dragging, and choking a client’s dog to death.

Last Saturday, when Eric Francis arrived at Paw’sh Paws to pick up his son’s dog, Meko, after being groomed, he walked into the business and found Meko unresponsive.

Groomer and owner, Michelle Root told him the dog had had a seizure.

“He wasn’t moving at all. I walked over and put my hand near his mouth and noticed his lips and tongue were blue,” Francis told FOX5.

Francis rushed Meko to a nearby veterinarian where he was pronounced dead.

Following Meko’s death, two employees from the Paw’sh Paws grooming salon contacted police, claiming that the dog did not have a seizure as Francis had been told, but that the salon’s owner, Michelle Root, had abuse the animal.

“Allegedly the owner had the dog by a leash and was kicked multiple times in the side of the head and the dog was drug across the pet salon and was hit up against the table and washtub and was hung by the leash very gruesomely,” said Deputy Chief Barrett.

Root was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty. But, after bonding out of jail, she returned to work, opening her salon for business the very next morning.

While Cumming Police continue to investigate Meko’s death, they’ve been contacted by at least one other dog owner who said her animal has physical problems after being groomed at Paw’sh Paws. Police urge any other dog owners who may have information to contact them immediately.

Dog Groomer
Meko (front) and Max (bed) were best friends. The family says even Max is devastated by Meko’s death.

Meanwhile, the Francis family is devastated by the death of their beloved dog. Even the family’s other dog, Max, is physically hurting. “I’ve never seen another dog cry but that’s all he does now, he walks around the house crying. I’ve never seen tears come from a dog but that’s what’s going on,” Francis said.

Anyone with information about Meko’s death, or any other incidents at Paw’sh Paws are urged to contact Cummings Police.

Michelle Root is currently out on bond and operating her grooming salon as usual. She continues to assert that Meko suffered a seizure and was not abused.

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  1. Avatar Of Dennis Mann

    Dennis Mann


    Why is this scrum bag Bit-h still in business? She should never be allowed to groom a pet or own a pet,can you imagine how she treats her pets!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Glenda Free

    Glenda Free


    the employees should have stopped her, when they saw what was happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just "telling" her to stop, was not working ! They should have physically stopped her !!..Then call the police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, one employee said that she had seen abuse earlier with another poor dog. This owner should still be in jail……not out of jail !!!!

  3. Avatar Of Carol H.

    Carol H.


    I hope that everyone who sees this would tell everyone – share it on Facebook – so that she never gets another client! A woman in the video was carrying her dog in after this happened! How could you risk your baby's life like that??

  4. Avatar Of Debbie



    so if the dog "had a seizure", she was just going to let him lay there? she didn't think it was a good idea to call the owners?

  5. Avatar Of Ruby Wilson

    Ruby Wilson


    This sick POS should get the same torture she did to poor Meko! And she advertises that she’s a groomer??? She’s a murderer of defenseless animals! The cops should interrogate the 2 men who witnessed this crime & put her in jail!! By the way….. her store should closed before she hurts any other animal.

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