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Dog Hair Everywhere? How to De-Shed Your Dog at Home

Unless you’re the proud parent to a rare hairless breed, you’ve dealt with dog hair at least a time or two. As much as we love our fuzzy little bundles of joy, dog owners can all agree, the one thing we don’t love is their hair… EVERYWHERE!

One of the most essential steps to keeping control of the fur means starting at the source – your dog. While many pet parents give their dogs seasonal haircuts, sometimes shaving the fur very close to the skin to minimize shedding, this practice isn’t recommended. Instead, it’s time to make deshedding your dog a part of your regular at-home grooming routine.

Deshedding is the process of removing dog hair that is ready to fall out of your dog’s coat before it actually does, preventing it from being shed onto bedding, furniture, floors, clothing, and well, everywhere! Plus, deshedding is good for your dog’s coat, keeping it clean, healthy, and mat-free. Luckily, with the right Andis grooming tools, it’s easy to do at home—without the need to clip, shave, or cut your dog’s coat.

How Often Can I De-Shed My Dog?

Because deshedding simply removes fur that’s ready (or almost ready) to naturally shed on its own, it can be done as often as necessary. Andis Grooming Educator and professional groomer, Gabriel Feitosa recommends incorporating deshedding into your regular brushing, bathing, and grooming routine, as often as every week. During seasonal changes when your dog is blowing their coat, deshedding can be done weekly, or more often as needed.

What Breeds and Coat Types Need to be De-Shed?

While there are thousands of breeds and breed mixes, all with variations in coat length, thickness, and growth patterns, in general dogs have three basic coat growth types that affect when and how often they’ll shed.

1. Dogs with Hair. Some breeds actually have hair instead of fur. Like human hair, their coat never stops growing and will need to be regularly brushed and groomed. Dogs with hair, including Maltese, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, and Yorkies, rarely shed and will not need to have deshedding performed.

2. Dogs with Fur that Reaches a Set Length. The most prolific shedders of all breeds and coat types, these dogs, including Pugs, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Labrador Retrievers, and Frenchies, have fur that continuously grows, reaches a set length, then falls out. As a result of this fur growth type, they’re constantly shedding hair, making regular deshedding essential to keeping shed fur under control. 

3. Dogs with Fur that Grows, and Sheds, in Cycles. In these dogs, the coat reaches a certain length and stays for a full growth cycle before falling out. While this group of dogs, including German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Shelties, Pomeranians, and Huskies, may not shed continuously, these are the dogs that commonly “blow their coat” or have huge shedding events during season changes or at the end of their fur growth cycle. Because of the cyclic way their fur grows—and sheds—regular deshedding is important in preventing mats, hot spots, itchy skin, and other coat conditions with extra time and care taken during heavy shedding periods.

Any of the three coat growth patterns above can include both single- and double-coated breeds. Remember, while you may be tempted to just shave your dog during heavy shedding periods, double-coated dogs (like Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Shelties, and Havanese) should never be shaved. Your dog’s double-coat acts as a thermal protector to keep him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Shaving the coat disrupts the growth cycle, damages growth patterns, and can permanently destroy the temperature-regulating feature of their coat.

How to De-shed Your Dog at Home:

In the video below, Andis Grooming Educator and professional groomer, Gabriel Feitosa demonstrates which deshedding tools to use and how to use them.

All of the grooming tools Gabriel used in the demonstration above can be found at Use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99!

Before de-shedding your dog, you’ll need to thoroughly brush, comb, and de-mat their coat—and you’ll want the right tools for the job. The brush you’d use on a short-coated Boxer would be totally wrong for a double-coated Golden Retriever and the dematting rake you might use on your thick-coated Newfie could damage the silky-smooth hair of your Yorkie. Refer to our article on Choosing the Right Grooming Tools for your Unique Dog to select the appropriate grooming tools for your pup.

You’ll find all of the grooming tools needed at Use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99! (Offer valid through 12/31/2020, unlimited uses).

For even more grooming tips and tricks, visit Andis Grooming College for answers to commonly asked questions, how-to videos, and step-by-step guides to grooming your dogs at home.

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