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Dog In Texas Miraculously Survived After Being Shot Eight Times

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Image from Hill Country Humane Society via Fox News

A stray dog in Texas miraculously survived after being shot at least eight times. The innocent dog was rescued by a person who called the Llano Sheriff’s Office in Buchanan Dam, Texas whose animal control unit rushed the injured animal to a local veterinary hospital. The dog was given the name Messiah by the staff at the Hill Country Humane Society.

Messiah was discovered to have eight bullets or bullet fragments concealed in layers of his flesh, shockingly missing all main arteries. 

“One is close to his nose. One in his neck. One in his upper back. And one bullet went through his back leg. He is anemic, most likely from blood loss. His stomach was full of gas and had to be drained,” according to a Facebook post from HCHS on January 11. 

Help Asheville Bears (HAB) reported on Monday that Messiah is still at risk despite drinking and eating as normal. The dog had to have his stomach drained since it was overflowing with gas, and the shelter also disclosed that he is anemic. Messiah’s age and breed were not shared by the shelter.

Aside from looking for a compassionate shelter family to accompany Messiah on his difficult road to recovery, the shelter also disclosed that they are offering a $5,000 reward for any information regarding this terrible case of animal cruelty.

“If you know of the person(s) responsible, please call our anonymous tip line at 1-855-SOS-BEAR anytime, day or night. Be an anonymous hero and help us bring justice for Sweet Messiah! Thank you for your help in protecting our precious animal friends!” HAB shared in the post.

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1 Comment

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    God don’t like ugly. What goes around comes around. Karmas a bitch!!! We ❤️ you Messiah!!!

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