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Dog Missing for 9 Years Finally Goes Back Home

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Photo Kpnx 12News
Photo KPNX 12News

An Arizona family had all but given up hope of ever seeing their dog again.

Nine years ago, little Brownie bolted out the front door and disappeared. The Baca family searched day and night for many years. They checked shelters, called veterinarians, and posted flyers throughout the neighborhood and surrounding areas. But no one called for 9 long years. That was until last week when Brownie, now a senior, blind, and in poor health, wandered into a tattoo parlor just 5 miles from the Baca home. Luckily, Brownie had been microchipped and his rescuers were able to track down the family that had missed him for so long. When asked to prove that Brownie was her dog, Amy Baca showed the missing dog flyer that her mother had carried in her purse for almost a decade.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Andie Mehl

    Andie Mehl


    I am so elated for both Brownie and his family,what get’s me is why no one bothered along this poor dog’s journey that he wasn’t brought to a Clinic,a Vet or somewhere to be checked,if he was introduced as a found dog,a stray no one on the staff thought to check him.Chips are almost always injected at young,puppies age.Why? I wish them the best for the time they have.

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