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Dog Weed-Whacked at Dallas Dog Park

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A three-year old Boxer is recovering from her injuries after a Dallas city-contracted maintenance worker intentionally weed-whacked the dog while cutting grass at the local dog park.

Ellie the Boxer received about a dozen deep cuts to her chest and neck at Dallas’ North Bark Dog Park last Wednesday. Witnesses told police and NBC News Channel 5 that the attack was entirely unprovoked. While Ellie was the only dog to sustain injuries, witnesses say the worker lunged his gas-powered weed whacker at several dogs that got close to him.

“Ellie jumped back and yelped. I mean you could hear it hit,” said George Schneider, who was dogsitting Ellie for her owners, Archie and Jennifer David.

In fact, the worker wasn’t even supposed to be in the park that day, as the park closes on Tuesdays for lawn maintenance. The contracted lawn service provider, Good Earth Landscaping, was horrified to hear of the attack and have made efforts to right their employee’s wrongdoing.


In addition to paying Ellie’s veterinary bills, Good Earth immediately fired the employee, gave Ellie’s parents a gift card to a local pet supply store, and made a donation to an animal charity.

“I don’t think the company could have responded any better,” said Ellie’s owner, Archie David.

While no charges have been filed against the employee as of yet, police and animal control are currently investigating the allegations of animal cruelty.

Meanwhile, Jennifer David urges anyone that witnesses animal abuse of any kind to step forward and speak up. “People do care,” she said.

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  1. Avatar Of Jenn David

    Jenn David


    I am ellie’s mom. We just were told yesterday that the police can’t move forward because they would have to prove the man came to the park with the intent to hurt a dog. So no criminal charges against Geraldo will be filled. What was not said in the story was good earth knew the crew changed the day and failed to inform the dig park to close it. Also good earth is getting alot of good pr for their company but again what wasn’t said in the story was it was my idea to donate money to a rescue charity I work with. They were going to give Ellie a $200 gift card because that is all a dog is worth in Texas and I said I wanted half of that money to go to a charity of my choice since it was not really spending money because they can write off the donation off their taxes. Ellie is 9 days out after her attack and her scabs are deep, she won’t let us pet or touch her chest still. And she is scared of loud noises oh also left of the news story but in the police report when me and my husband showed up to the park the man who assaulted Ellie sat on a park bench smiling and laughing when witnesses were giving statements to the police .good earth did the right thing to fire the man but they were negligent in not informing the park of the schedule and it was not their idea to give money to charity

  2. Avatar Of Margaret Won

    Margaret Won


    the worker was not even supposed to be there that day. Geeze God!! this was at a DOG Park.

  3. Avatar Of Woody



    Do that at the DP where I go and he wouldn’t have gotten out of there alive, and I wouldn’t have seen a thing. . .

  4. Avatar Of Wanda Clark

    Wanda Clark


    sounds like he needs a weed wacker applied to him!

  5. Avatar Of Linda Epps

    Linda Epps


    If that had been one of my animals ; I’d be sitting in a jail cell. Because I would have tried my very best to weed whacked him seriously!!!!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Kim Wilson

    Kim Wilson


    Agree that this jerk is probably afraid of dogs or just hates them.He should never have been allowed to work around places they might be.Glad to see his company fired him and has been so generous to this babies family.Go one step further,by making sure future employees like dogs if they are going to be working in the dog parks.As for this waste of skins punishment,Instead of jail where he receives 3 hots and a cot( at our expense)he should be sentenced to assisting a local vet,by holding dogs for the vet for exams etc.If he is a dog hater,cleaning cages will just make him hate more.They need to find out why he committed this horrific act and base his punishment on that!

    • Avatar Of Elaine Leas

      Elaine Leas


      I agree, cleaning cages would just raise his anger level. I also agree that just sitting in jail would not be any kind of punishment. He needs to be charged and arrested, certainly, but make the punishment fit the crime…working with a vet is a good suggestion, …and he would be supervised, so that he couldn’t do this to another animal while serving his time…

  7. Avatar Of Beverly Thalman

    Beverly Thalman


    Why hasn’t he been charged? Ridiculous……..

  8. Avatar Of Lorraine Keshner

    Lorraine Keshner


    What a horrible thing to have gone thru. I am impressed the Good Earth did everything it could do to make amends, including firing the employee and well as paying the vet bill and the other kindness as well…

  9. Avatar Of Kris



    and no one smacked this asshat upside his head? i sure the heck would have.. good company for doing what they did. hope the guy is charged and put away and i hope his face is plastered all over the papers/news so everyone know who it is.

  10. Avatar Of Kaye Biggers

    kaye biggers


    I think the company did right by the people, they helped them and fired the man. however, I think the dogs owners should have called the police and had the idiot arrested, he deserves to be in jail, if he did this no telling what the animal hater will do next.

  11. Avatar Of Oksunny



    Sounds like he was frightened of dogs. Not that this excuses him in ANY way at all…but maybe the company should’ve had someone else do this particular job site.

    • Avatar Of Chris



      oksunny – He had ABSOLUTELY no reason to be there with equipment while the park was open for use. The article says that they are closed one day a week for lawn maintenance. This guy should NEVER have been inside there with equipment while dogs were loose.

  12. Avatar Of Nancy



    WOW, though this guy was an a** for what he did and I sure as hope the he is punished, this company Good Earth is to be COMMENDED for their response & how they handles the situation!!!! THAT part of the story is what we need to SHOUT OUT about, to show the goodness there is in this world and the right way to make bad things better and to take responsibility!

  13. Avatar Of Delinda Martin

    delinda martin


    THIS person should have charges filed against him….part of his punishment should be cleaning cages at the local shelter (i am sure they could use the help)including cleaning ALL of the poop up since he is a piece of
    poop himself (of course should be supervised while doing this. Should also never be allowed to own a dog. should also spent time in a cage himself (JAIL)

  14. Avatar Of Patricia Desi Doherty

    Patricia Desi Doherty


    Unbelievable that no charges have been filed against this maniac! There were witnesses for God sake! Do the same exact thing to him! Pond scum!

  15. Avatar Of Wanda Baublitz

    Wanda Baublitz


    What a poor excuse for a human being.. This guy should be strung up by his feet and weed whacked until he bled to death!

  16. Avatar Of Martha Caballero

    martha caballero


    prayers 4 healing and full recovery.. man should be fired and never allowed to work around animals again… man should have been properly trained.. attempted murder go serve time

  17. There are just too many people who do not respect animals of all kinds and I can’t understand it?How anyone can hurt an animal has got to be evil especially for no reason .Sad for the animal near any of these kinds of people!!!!

  18. Avatar Of Martha Caballero

    martha caballero


    this is un excusable.. man should be fired and never allowed to work around animals..should had bee trained better.. trying attempted murder go do the time.. as far as this [precious baby prayers 4 healing and full recovery

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