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Dog Pulled Alive Days After The Deadly Earthquake In Turkey

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Image from @eliffpolaat/SPECTEE/TMX via Fox News

A family dog that was trapped when their house was destroyed in the deadly earthquakes in Turkey was miraculously found alive.

The dog was discovered around 138 hours after the earthquake that devastated southern Turkey, according to Elif Polat, a nurse who is part of a search and rescue team in the hard-hit Hatay province.

“It was miraculous because we were removing debris and only dead bodies, and the dog was buried in the rubble with almost no gaps,” she said. 

Little Pamuk, whose name means cotton wool, is a Poodle terrier mix. On February 10, a team searching for any signs of life came across her and saved her in Hatay.

The trapped animal had to be dug out in order to be saved, and the video recorded by the rescue team showed her head poking out from the rubble with her eyes wide with fright and her nose injured.

The team moved quickly, removing dust from the dog’s eyes, cleaning her face, giving her water, and comforting her while she cried in terror.

According to authorities, the dreadful earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria on February 6 in the morning took more than 21,000 lives. Several hundred aftershocks followed the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

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